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Clemson University hires KU professor to lead biology department

Cohen was one of the top professors at the University. Great guy who dedicated lots of time and energy into KU. Wife is going there also and coincidentally was also a great professor at KU. It is sad to see them go. I would suspect that the lack of commitment by the Brownback administration to higher education will cause KU to lose many of its quality professors. Not surprising that our school has fallen to number 106 in U.S. News and World Report rankings with the lack of funding and Republican abandonment of higher education. I'm sure the American Association of Universities and others are taking notice of tenured professors fleeing our State.

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At Kansas senators' request, committee will not consider Steve Six's nomination to the U.S. Court of Appeals

What a joke. The only judges we want are bible beating, anti-abortion nuts who want to save every baby while implicitly disposing of every social program recipient (especially in Lawrence), and executing every convicted murderer they can get their hands on. Unfortunately they can't hear our message because their ears are so far up the Kochs' a$$ there is no sound.

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New Kansas-themed puzzle features state's famous people, landmarks

Is anyone selling these puzzles on ebay? I think they might be sold out every where. I really want one bad.

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Big 12 Conference lives on

You're just jealous bc Billings will get his share (and yours) of looks from the women around here too. He's built like a brick you know what as he used to be quite the fullback.

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Big 12 Conference lives on

Perhaps Texas has swooped up Richard Billings to take over their school or maybe the Pac 10 has taken him?

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Big 12 Conference lives on

Just talked to a friend who has heard from Richard Billings. He believes Billings can not only save the Big 12, but that he has enough contacts personally to fill up the gridiron club. We've got to get this guy hired before the Pac-10 or Nebraska does.

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Big 12 Conference lives on

Has anybody heard whether or not KU is considering hiring Richard Billings as its new AD? Richard bleeds crimson and blue and has what it takes to restore the Big 12 to its glory days. Hope he's not swooped up by another conference.

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Conference USA wants the Big 12 leftovers; Oklahoma reported to be heading west

I talked to a friend of mine who thinks KU will hire Richard Billings as its new AD. Billings is a hard-nosed negotiator who won't take any b.s. from those Texas schools. He's a shoe-in to get KU into the SEC ahead of Oklahoma.

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Lew Perkins set to retire as Kansas University's athletic director at end of 2010-11 school year

Richard Billings is a hard-nosed competitor who just won't put up with the early tournament losses. He'll probably bring in a coach like Holtz or Spurrier rather than a 2nd tier mid-major guy. I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't lure Phil Jackson or Tom Izzo here if Self bolts for the Clippers.

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Lew Perkins set to retire as Kansas University's athletic director at end of 2010-11 school year

Does anybody know if Billings is still available? A buddy of mine told me he worked 158 hours a week for a while.

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