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Man threatened with a chainsaw during argument

Maybe only a woodchipper at 2 am triggers a response.

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Man threatened with a chainsaw during argument

Wouldnt it trigger other apartment dwellers to call someone if a chainsaw is being used at 2am next door?

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Former Lawrence police officer charged with DUI

"No beers, I haven't had any officers tonight........sir"

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Buffett rule won’t close federal deficit

Maybe if Americans stopped eating substances that are known to cause disease and would get of their lazy bums and excersise a little, maybe healthcare costs would decrease. One could also sequence everyones genome and determine disease risks and pay accordingly. Like in a car insurance policy, higher risks like speeding tickets and DUI etc, constitutes higher insurance costs. Higher disease risks or unhelathy living would raise your premiums.

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Drug legalization has pros, cons

Governor Hickenlooper balanced the state budget with marujuana money a few years back in Colorado. It was very simple, he raised the price of the card used to purchase marijuana then said, there you go. End of story. No tanks, pepper spray, helicopters, police, fireman, school teachers, police dogs, hidden cameras, undercover agents, police cars, tasers, assault rifles, stun grenades or politicians were injured in the the exchange.

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Brownback pushes for tax cuts during panel discussion in New York

Now is not the time for old man agendas. They have failed everyone and failed in a miserable fashion. Their ideas never rise above the x-axis and stay a negative number. They will continue to fail because you CANNOT make it positive without an input of positive numbers that will never exist because in order to do this means to borrow more money from the Chinese, this is impossible. These old men have already mortgaged every child in this country for the next 3 generations.

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Brownback pushes for tax cuts during panel discussion in New York

(In the town I used to live in) dateline Colorado: They embraced change. Upon the legalization of marijuana and medical marijuana. The city council got together and ran an ad in the paper asking the public to form a 3 member cannabis commitee to sit on the City Council. In order to increase revenue, the new commitee and city council voted to refurbish two downtown vacant buildings and install a pot growing cooperative composed of 6 plants per medical card. This was a huge success as it was located directly across from the poilce station. Revenue increased to a point where the vacant building was renovated again and a Farmers Market complete with mural paintings was then installed for an entire downtown area. The extra revenue was also given to the School Board as well as extra equipment for the police and the excess plants were then processed to make hemp oil which was bought and sold by other local businesses. The stipulation in the resolution was that only local growers would be allowed in at an 80% rate and the dispensaries could only import 20%. The venture was such a success that exports began within Colorado and local farmers even started to talk about plowing under the sunflowers to plant hemp and talks began to then export with the help of a local reservation, that could be used as an International port because of its soverign status.It has not progressed that far yet, but the framework exists. There's your bold solution Brownback. Every person in China and India needs paper, ropes and textiles made from hemp or cotton. Since cotton likes warmer weather, hemp would be an alternative. The oil can also be used as a green biofuel and promote energy independence from the Perry Republic. Kansas wins and Texas will lose. Sounds better than the leading exporter of pink slime.

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Second-degree murder charge brought in Trayvon Martin case

When the mother of the victim has already been quoted as saying "It was an accident", then that right there already dooms the case of Murder in the second degree. There isnt a potential juror in the country now that hasnt read that. I bet they have a retrial with Manslaughter.

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Another five mobile homes at the Riverview Trailer Park declared unfit to live in

If the codes were enforced in the first place, which is the city of Lawrence, then the city shows negligence in not enforcing the code, (the city is breaking it's own laws) then evicting without written warning or order to repair(Violation of fair and equal housing). I find the judgement for the plantiffs in this case (the tenants) In the amount of 20,000 dollars per dwelling. Just be glad there arent punitive damages in this case, such as unreasonable emotional stress placed on the families, the public eye, again, no fault of their own, Now to prove the city acted in a negligent manner, a timeline of events leading up to being thrown out of your own house and onto the street for simply paying your rent on time, must be established. I'm going to the Hoth-House for lunch before the next case.

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City votes in favor of banning camping trailers, large vehicles from spots near South Park

It was my understanding that it was agreed upon by an International Convention that if a person lives in a van, this van must be located by the river?

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