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Farmers' Market to feature wild entertainment, school garden

Well the higher prices is due to the fact that there isn't a huge farmers market here, they aren't going to sell the volume it takes to make a return on their investment for showing up with prepared / packaged goods to sell you.

Sure they could sell them for $2, but then if they manged to sell 50 cartons of eggs that day, they only made $100, that doesn't pay for gas / time / packaging and the associated regulatory stuff to even be in / at the farmers market.

If you know these people, or can get contact information, I am sure you could get much better deals with them at their respective places of business / farms if you're willing to do the driving to procure your goods.

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Chicago taint

Please offer us a little more than your biblical like text stating "this is how it is".Fail

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Turnpike toll plazas will be automated

Layoffs aren't nessecary, they can pull a Wal-Mart and move them all down to 10 hours a week untill they quit or cannot afford to work anymore.

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Blood spatter school hosted by Lawrence Police

I think this is pretty interesting, certainly nice having a police force willing to donate time for education purposes.Somone got all their posts removed... oops!

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Couple ask for dismissal of obstruction case

Selling stolen goods is worse than stealing them. Everything that place has ever sold was probably stolen property.

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Cut bottled water from your budget

It's true, you can hardly taste the difference in "good" city water vs. bottled water.But if you put a bottle of Fiji against our nasty Lawrence water, this article will seem pretty stupid, and opinionated.

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Are you concerned that the United States is getting involved in the conflict between Russia and Georgia?

Once again, not our problem, it's simply another BP oil "place of interest" as they have a giant pipeline running through Georgia.I really don't care about emissions, I simply hope one day we don't have to rely on oil so our government can stop murdering young american citizens for a f*&$*ng dollar.

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Yellow House owners arrested Friday

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Two Last Call employees, one teen shot

Well, I hope that the people in the adjacent buildings have good insurance, because this place might accidentally go up in flames before summer comes.

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Drivers warned to exercise caution this morning

Roads, especially k10, absolutely terrible.

I-35 in KC is not much better.


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