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Harsh judgment

I agree with Big Prune that Tiller owns this state. I disagree with what the naive not_so_greek says. The Supreme Court said shat Tiller and Planned Parenthood wanted them to say.

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Phill Kline won't run for office in 2008

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right_thinker (Anonymous) says:
americorp, if you want to compare Kline to Hitler, you go right ahead:.then check into Charter Oaks and get some much needed help. See, Kline is trying to *save* lives. Hitler was more like Tiller.
Ag, for a radical extreme centrist, you sure do hate Kline."

Correct, right_thinker. I look at the opposition to Kline and I see lies told about him prior to the election, andTiller's wife's donations to the officials now supporting Tiller. I'm glad that Morrison is now eating crow by being forced to prosecute Tiller.

Those who hate Kline probably support evolution in schools, abortion, and embryonic stem cell research. They probably support euthanasia as they did in the Schiavo case.

And a Centrist is one who is one who votes with the leftists as do the so-called moderates.

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Kansas vs. Darwin

You evolutionists don't like hard questions, do you? As I said, if the platypus evolved from something, it would be in the fossil record. It is not. with all the fossils extant, which evidently come from animals killed in calamities of some kind, where are all the intermediate species that died because they had not yet acquired the necessary changes to survive. Jonas, Don't give me that crap about debating my findings because, as you well know, there are none! If there were, you and a thousand other evolutionists would product it. And Das Ubermime, who is more arrogant with pride than those who think they know more than God about creation. Your "absence of evidence is not evidence for absence" is a trite expression used by evolutionists trying to defend a dying theory. And your stratas are difficult to find and nowhere on earth do they supposedly exist as they are supposed to. And fossils appear in strata they are not supposed to be in. Evolutionists no longer will debate evolution vs. creation at colleges as the student see through the debates every time. What a snowjob you have pulled.

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Kansas vs. Darwin

If the fossil record proves it, what fossil links the platypus to anything else? If true, the evidence should be plentiful, as all of the intermediate stages that failed to live should be in the strata someplace.

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