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Social media team welcomes new member

Pleased to have you as part of the team!

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Local Businesses and Twitter

Marion, I use DM same way I use the main public feed - for conversations. Some conversations are just best suited to DM rather than the open feed. I don't use or believe is any automated DM messages. They tend to feel like spam, get caught up with all the phishing scams going on, and are so against the personal nature of engagements I look for in social media.

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Local Businesses and Twitter

Could not agree more! Great point. It's a key part of the quality of followers and quality of engagement. The first step in that process is the simple act of following back. Why would a business ignore someone who has taken the time to express interest in them.

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We're Up and Running... If Only We Could Come Up With a Good Name

PS. My "unsocial" media reference is of course to the context people use it in, not the definition. And that definition Whitney just posted says it all: "conversations". Thats what so many people miss unfortunately and in effect make it unsocial. Gets frustrating to see that so often.

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We're Up and Running... If Only We Could Come Up With a Good Name

Unsocial media - yes, unfortunately. All those people talking and not listening or engaging. Who get the media part but ignore the social part. And those people out there for no other reason than to market themselves and get a fast $. Way too much "social media" lacks the interaction that really makes it what it should be by definition.

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We're Up and Running... If Only We Could Come Up With a Good Name

Well I guess that would get us some good traffic!

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Public invited to Wednesday's free seminar on Twitter

Marion - Yes, Twitter can be an excellent marketing tool BUT it is so much more than that. The side on Twitter that really appeals to me is the ability it gives to network and develop new contacts, whether in the industry or the community, and to form valuable relationships with those contacts both on and offline. Twitter is a fantastic tool for developing the true "social" side of social media.

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Public invited to Wednesday's free seminar on Twitter

We'll cover Facebook separately at a later date.

As for waste of energy, you might be surprised! Something we'll show people is how they can use Twitter in a very dynamic way to connect with the local community here in Lawrence. A lot of people just "don't get it" and are really missing out. Here in Lawrence we have an amazingly active online community that is connecting businesses, organizations, and individuals in an entirely new way. And importantly isn't just connecting them online but is bringing them together offline for both business networking and social events.

For example, check out - people that connected via Twitter and now are part of a very active social group.

Feel free to join us and learn about how you can use Twitter in a very positive way.

Ben Smith
World Co Social Media Manager

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Would you ever consider switching to a mostly raw or uncooked food diet?

Hey Bob, Yes Old Shawnee Days is outstanding! Wonderful festival, plus free to attend so a great day out. If you come out to the Night Ranger concert I'll even give you a pair of tickets for the VIP sponsor area right in front of the stage AND personally introduce you to the said chicks with axes. Obviously you are a man of exquisite taste!

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Festival celebrates Shawnee’s past, embraces the technology of today

Why dont you check out the website, the link is there. There is plenty for everyone. If you dont like the Friday night concert there are concerts Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Everything from 70s and 80s rock to country, bluegrass, jazz and modern rock. Plus a ton of free entertainment, kids activities, games and contests, parade, historical re-enactors. Its a great festival, and it doesn't even cost anything to go. And even if you dont like the Friday night concert, plenty of others will enjoy it. There are enough different bands and entertainers there should be something for everyone.

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