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Bill addresses abortion, insurance

Well I demand that I don't have to pay for your Viagra! Oh wait women are still waiting for insurance to cover birth control pills too. What a surprise only a man would think of this! How about you mind your own business when it comes to another persons health.

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Liquor stores fighting effort by convenience stores to sell full-strength beer

Liquor stores have to go by rules that convenience stores don't have to go by. If they have the same rules then that's fine go ahead and sell the strong beer. That means you can not sell beer below cost, your employees have to be over 21 to touch or sell the product. Your employees can't be felons and there has to be a person responsible if the store gets caught selling to a minor not a corporation.

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Not smart

LOL!!!! Number 1 Grandma called it right.

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County paves way for city to annex former Farmland property

LOL!!!!( next time read the article )

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Next time you visit the treasurer's office, bring your photo ID too

LOL all I can think is have any of you paid your taxes lately! I have had to show my ID every time I have paid my for my tags. This is nothing new. So why whine about it.

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Jenkins visits Guantanamo, says closing 'unnecessary'

blah blah blah talk about kicking a dead horse.

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What did you "used to believe?"

I used to think that the Farmland plant was what made the clouds in the sky.

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Who do you think makes the best french fries?


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More households drop landlines for cell phones

Been land line free for almost 5 years now. I will never go back. my phone is always in my pocket or sitting on counter in one spot.

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Swine flu could be taking root in Kansas, health officials say

You do know that more people died of old age today than the number of people have died of swine flu. I have a good cure for those that are afraid of swine flu turn off the TV and your computer.

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