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Tonganoxie man accidentally shoots himself while firing handgun in backyard

Do you live here?? If so then YES he was fighting for you and I

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KU basketball recruits slip in latest rankings

Doesn't matter where they're ranked, if they have talent, are unselfish and committed to the program, Bill will mold them into another championship team. And when I say Bill, I pay respects to all the coaching staff.

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Domestic partner benefits plan gets early support from Douglas County Commission

God designed men and women (physically) to be the ones to procreate and keep alive his dream. When Satan entered Eve ate the apple and sin was born. I don't care how a person lives their life, but it shouldn't affect the way things are run. People who commit sins as such are as loved by God as us all are, it's just not my idea of how he wanted us to behave.

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Jefferson’s to reopen with new owner

I used to go there when I was in town, but after a few visits I noticed the quality of the food was subpar at best. Service was even worse and I haven't been back in a year. Didn't even know they shut down. I hope the new owner reads the comments and takes notes.....fresh food cooked to order, faster better service will keep the place full. And sweep the floor every day!

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KU graduate Kevin Harlan true to tourney

I enjoy listening to Mitch Holthaus call the Chief's games now, but once there was Kevin Harlan, who was the ALL TIME BEST Chief's announcer. I can still hear him say "Oh baby, what a play"
I always enjoy listening to Kevin on the radio whenever I can, he just doesn't do enough TV anymore. He's the MAN!

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Legislation filed to legalize medical marijuana in Kansas

I applaud Rep. Finney for her intestinal fortitude to even intorduce this in Kansas, land of the red ruby slippers and everything else make believe. I love my state but it needs to get with the times and quit being holier than thou.
Brownie will say "Let them eat cake, not brownies"
If you haven't had a debilitating disease that cripples you, don't pretend to know or even begin to tell me what's good for me!

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Three Bolivar, Mo., men arrested in Saturday evening robbery

Anybody read that they were from Bolivar MO?? Why is Topeka even mentioned here? Go back to school and study geography.

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Brownback begins transition to governor

She is 37, probably has a good job that won't get affected by the zealot coming in. To me he is one of the scariest people I've seen...creepy.

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Dining, drinking — and now shopping — add to downtown Lawrence sidewalk issue

Do you think the Mayor wants his barbershop moved outside?

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