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Ashland ends Seabury’s state dream

In a town with 3 choices for secondary education, 3 choices for athletic teams, etc., there is going to be movement or migration between schools. Anyone who thinks that FSHS and LHS don't recruit and/or influence where athletes have addresses (compared to 15th street) is not realistic. Seabury has been providing the public schools athletes since its inception, and public school coaches have recruited or influenced movement between each other and from Seabury. Kids are fickle and "the grass is greener" gets the better of them. Three choices means that another 40 boys basketball athletes get the opportunity to play for real instead of hanging out at Holcomb after being cut.

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Brownback says lieutenant governor will welcome Obama to Kansas

This governor is obviously and publicly disrespecting the president. At least the tweeter girl did it in a semi private fashion and his insecurity squad went off on her.

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