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In honor of National Police Week, local law enforcement members share their career experiences

My late father was a policeman. Our youngest son is a police officer. Hats off to all who serve their fellow citizens through law enforcement. You are appreciated and in our prayers. So are your families.

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Letter: School questions

Is there anyway that we can stop being so silly and keep adding partisanship to this?
Republicans and Democrats have failed our education system.

Let's put our children first and ask some simple questions about Courageous Conversations:
1.) Will promoting racial strife bring about racial harmony? Using a phrase like "white privilege" is not working, it is exacerbating the racial problem and widening the social gap between the races. It is also giving a spurious group like Pacific Education Group a widening audience.
2.) Is there any research that shows Courageous Conversations is successful? Baltimore County Schools is a big a spender on Courageous Conversations... The "Lord of the Flies" episode that happened in Baltimore kinda point to the fact that Courageous Conversations actually promotes racial division.

I have an idea. Let's teach our children this and enforce our anti-bullying policies: "God made mankind, male and female in His image. All races are one and equal. Period."

Courageous Conversations asks 2nd graders, "How do you feel about racial equality?"
That is an unproductive question. At that age our teachers and every parent simply needs to be teaching our children about racial equality. Teaching them this: "Little Billy, little Mary, racism is wrong. Prejudice in this classroom and in this society will not be tolerated."

I urge everyone to do some research on the Marxist's roots of PEG--Pacific Educational Group. It is worthy of note that our superintendent has been honored by PEG. Kind of explains the +$300,000 of our tax dollars wasted on Courageous Conversations.

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Gov. Brownback: Not everyone always agrees with me

Total KS school funding topped $6 billion this year. Third year in a row record for the state. Individual student expenditures topped $13,000. Fourth year in row record. Lotta misinformation out there. ;-)

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Kansas waitress’ message to Brownback goes viral

Kansas school funding is over 6 billion dollars. A record amount for the third year in a row. Per pupil KS spends over $13,000. A record amount for the 4th year in a row. The waitress is wrong and so are many other people.

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Kansas set for 1st ban on a 2nd trimester abortion procedure

Some babies are going to be saved. How could that ever be a bad thing? A fascist thing? Never. Its called ending a terrible kind of violence.

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Brownback, Davis discuss gay marriage at Kansas gubernatorial debate

Davis does not want to lead. He simply wants to be governor. If he wanted to lead he would not let the court system be the controlling branch of government. Why elect a man governor who is unwilling to support 70% of its citizens?

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Lawrence congregations gather to mourn events in Ferguson

Racism is wrong. Period. Acts 17:26 makes this clear. All mankind is of one blood and made by God. We did not evolve. Our public schools teach our children that we are all the products of time and chance. Evolution is so very wrong. We are all made in the image of God. And in that image is all the dignity and beauty of our Maker. Anyone who using scripture or evolution to defend racism, for example the KKK and other supremacist groups, are manipulators, liars and very, very wrong. However, as Christians, desiring to be faithful to Jesus, who on one occasion did urge His followers to carry a sword for self-defense (Luke 22:36), there has to be a much better way of wrestling through and reversing the plague of racism than calling a policeman, who was protecting himself in the line of duty, a racist.

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New sexuality education standards implemented throughout Lawrence public schools this year

What are the national standards? Where can I read them?

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Twelve-year-old Larry McQueen stands face first to the spray of water from a garden hose as he and o

Special thanks to Pastor Glenn, intern Jessie, and Christ Community Church Summer Day Camp Teen Team for making the day camp such a success!

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Planning Commission recommends denial of major shopping center along SLT

Higher paying jobs come when entrepreneurs are given the liberty to be entrepreneurs. Higher paying jobs have never and will never come from the socialistic orientations found in today's left-leaning political climate. Selfishness on the right is not good either, but please give those who are willing to risk dollars in business development a chance!

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