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New sexuality education standards implemented throughout Lawrence public schools this year

What are the national standards? Where can I read them?

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Twelve-year-old Larry McQueen stands face first to the spray of water from a garden hose as he and o

Special thanks to Pastor Glenn, intern Jessie, and Christ Community Church Summer Day Camp Teen Team for making the day camp such a success!

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Planning Commission recommends denial of major shopping center along SLT

Higher paying jobs come when entrepreneurs are given the liberty to be entrepreneurs. Higher paying jobs have never and will never come from the socialistic orientations found in today's left-leaning political climate. Selfishness on the right is not good either, but please give those who are willing to risk dollars in business development a chance!

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Planning Commission recommends denial of major shopping center along SLT

Higher property taxes will be the result of saying no to more retail development. Insane. Seriously insane. But insanity is what make living in Lawrence so much fun.

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KU professor helping identify important sites, events in LGBT history

Wonder if the National Park Service will also gather scholars to identify the sites where people have struggled to save the lives of the unborn?

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Davis proposes postponing future Kansas tax cuts

Go ahead, vote for someone who thinks governments can bring prosperity. Things don't work that way. Never have. Wealth and economic growth always come from the private sector. Unfortunately, growth from the private sector is never pretty. I worry about politicians who want to keep more money in the hands of government. Paul Davis is that kind of politician.

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Lawhorn's Lawrence: When the Kansas River was home to kings

Great work Barb! I used to work as a dark-water diver on the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers. The heritage of all the ole' "river kings" and the industry built around their dangerous work is one that has been long overlooked. I worked in sightless conditions and on occasion I would feel something push or bump me. On the surface the old "river kings" (fisherman or mussel collectors) would say, "Yep there are some man-sized cats down in those holes!"

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Seeing red: Charlie Weis 'not content with anything' after KU's 54-16 loss to Texas Tech

We really do have a problem with KU's football team's leadership. This team is not even as good as last year's. It is a puzzlement, but true. Our players can't be that bad... can they? Dropped passes aren't a coach's fault, but our run game stinks too and last season we ran pretty well with the same backs we have this year.

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City commissioners to consider final approvals for Menards project

For heaven's sake... let the retailers decide profitability! The area is blighted and empty. What am I missing? Menard's would not build and smaller retailers would not come in beside if they were wanting to lose money!

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Republicans push through proposal blocking the desires of advocates for the developmentally disabled

If "Brownie" was pro-abortion I think most of you would agree with many of his positions.

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