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Valuable time

Living in Lawrence for over 13 years I always though we had the best schools in the whole state. Last year we had to move to Andover becuase of work . To my surprise the schools here are far better than Lawrence schools and they do so without short Wednesdays.

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Essential arts

RIP -Kansas Arts Commssion
I guess we will have to do with a piece of paper and a box of crayons from now on.

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Name change

"Lawrence, on the cutting edge of education, can lead the way with Junior High Schools that have 6th, 7th, and 8th grades"

In this case we are just following the rest of the state that already have middle schools with 6th,7th and 8th grades.

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Credibility gone

NCLR is just a hispanic organization that stands for the rights of the Latinos for which they have earned the respect of the hispanic community. It is really tragic to see how little does the extreme conservative right knows about the issue. I met Janet Murgia when she used to work with KU. She is a brillian woman and somebody that knows how to stand againts a bully. NCLR did not have much importance for the exteme right until the day she confronted Lou Dobbs in national TV.
Hispanics as you probably know are by far the fastest growing part of the population. I am not talking about the illegals here. The Latino birthrate is at least twice the rate ot the rest of the population and if this trend continues they will have a lot to say about the future of this country. Now, this might be a surprise for you but most of them are CONSERVATIVE in their values( see what happend with the gay marriage law in California) but the Republican Party not capitalized on this, as a fact they have done such a great job to scare them away that most of them vote for the Democrats. This might also be a suprise for you , the inmense majority of the legal hispanics opose illeal inmmigration. The new Latino faces of the Tea Party like Marcos Rubio in Florida. and Raul Labrador in Idaho have urged the Republican Parity to change its tactics. It's a matter of numbers, if the conservative right wants to have a future they need to attract the Latino vote.

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Kobach smear

Once again...How is the NCLR a hateful racist oraganization Tom?

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Kobach smear

I do not beleive that the Tea Party is a racist group. I have friends that are part of the Tea Party movement and I respect them. And to be honest with you it is just like your postings, sometimes I agree with them and sometimes I don't.
Now the question is still in there. How La Raza is a hateful racist group?

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Kobach smear

I don't mean to be disrespecful to you or your wife BornAgainAmerican, but Bozo is right. In this case we are not looking for a literal translation."Raza" is just a slang word for group or community mainly used by Mexicans. As your wife can tell you, Hispanics or Latinos are not a race it's an ethnicity.

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Kobach smear

The question is still on the table Tom. Can you please explain how La Raza is a hateful racist group? Thanks

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Kobach smear

Hey Tom, How is La Raza a hateful racist group? ......, I am just curious

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Statehouse Live: Kansas Republicans on House Appropriations back off state employee pay cut

Sorry, my numbers were $92,500.93

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