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4 arrested on suspicion of vandalizing downtown buildings with anti-Trump graffiti

Brock, you need to read up a bit. I know that is a big ask for a Trump supporter. But put on your big boy pants, do your research, and stop making yourself look so stupid.

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Trump revealed highly classified info to Russia, reportedly putting source at risk

Oh my lanta stop bringing up Hillary you ideologically bankrupt fool!

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District's pick for new Sunset Hill principal has declined offer, district announces

This is what happens when you try to come to Lawrence and work with kids (my son goes to sunset hill) when you also have social media accounts that promote fat shaming, denying LGBTQ rights, negatively portraying minorities, etc. I could not be more proud of my fellow Sunset Hill parents for making their voice known. At the end of the day, the school district knows why she rescinded her application, right after she took down her social media accounts. Because she got caught redhanded displaying discriminatory practices online.

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Trump revealed highly classified info to Russia, reportedly putting source at risk

and the fact that you call it fake news when Trump admitted to sharing the classified information just shows how far gone you are. oh my lord it's just sad.

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Trump revealed highly classified info to Russia, reportedly putting source at risk

the fake news bit is getting old David. Grow up, grow a pair, and do your job as an "informed citizen". the country depends on it.

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Trump revealed highly classified info to Russia, reportedly putting source at risk

despicable how republicans can still, after everything we have seen, stand up for Trump. We are honestly in unchartered waters here folks. When people are willing to sell their souls to the devil just to push through an agenda. 2018 cannot get here soon enough. This needs to end now. call us snowflakes for being upset about this travesty of a "presidency"? Compare Trump incompetency to Hillary's emails, still?. I just cannot tell if this is a matter of intelligence or just a plain lack of honor. Either way, it's disgusting.

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Douglas County data showing swelling jail population despite fewer arrests

145 awaiting sentence. that is more than double the people serving a convicted sentence. This is the problem people. We are locking people in concrete boxes that have not even been convicted of a crime. Innocent until proven guilty my rear end. Utilize more O.R. bonding, stop keeping people in jail just because they cannot afford a bond. Rapists, etc get out same day because they have the money to bond. But someone with a misdemeanor can sit in jail for months because they are low income. FIX THE BONDING ISSUE before you build a bigger jail. End of story.

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Opinion: Letter to our so-called president

I am considering going back to grad school just to study the support of Donald Trump. It is utterly fascinating, dumbfounding, and amazing that any American citizen can look themselves in the mirror and actually say that they support ANYBODY that carries themselves such as Trump and his associates in the White House. They defend the same ethical conflicts that they crucified Hillary for, heck even worse they have already inspired far more intelligence leaks, their own people cannot even be trusted, his phone is at risk, his email server is private, a navy SEAL has already died, Russia is doing who the heck knows, etc. Yet, people refuse to lessen their support of this man. He attacks anybody or any institution that has the guts to simply enforce checks and balances vital to our democracy and constitution. But.....these so called die hard constitution republicans have already sold their foundationalist souls to the devil to support a man who carries none of their very own self-determined life or family values. this is going to be studied for hundreds of years. I mean, we have witnessed this with other authoritarian leaders, but never in the U.S. We obviously have not learned a thing from a distance, we obviously have to learn this lesson first hand. Yet, still, but....people still support him. I get if you support republican values and some of his policies, but you have to at least admit that him and his team just aren't the right people to do your bidding. stunning to say the least

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Appeals court refuses to reinstate Trump's travel ban

Why do Liberals support criminals and terrorists that murder the innocent? you know what Bob, we don't. so starting today, every time a white person commits an act of terrorism, all white people in the united states will be first, considered a threat, terrorist, or traitor immediately and forever. second, we will use the media and lack of knowledge of your constituent base to cast all white people as radical christian terrorists, creating a social and cultural war of ideals. third, you will not be able to travel outside of your current state, ever. it's just too risky. i mean, how many times have we just let crazy white christians travel freely before they murder? McVey much bro? so calm down snowflake, stop melting, we do not like murder and crime. We had just forgotten to add you to the list

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Kansas lawmaker pursuing transgender bathroom bill

unisex bathrooms. problem solved. game over. move on.

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