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Opinion: Letter to our so-called president

I am considering going back to grad school just to study the support of Donald Trump. It is utterly fascinating, dumbfounding, and amazing that any American citizen can look themselves in the mirror and actually say that they support ANYBODY that carries themselves such as Trump and his associates in the White House. They defend the same ethical conflicts that they crucified Hillary for, heck even worse they have already inspired far more intelligence leaks, their own people cannot even be trusted, his phone is at risk, his email server is private, a navy SEAL has already died, Russia is doing who the heck knows, etc. Yet, people refuse to lessen their support of this man. He attacks anybody or any institution that has the guts to simply enforce checks and balances vital to our democracy and constitution. But.....these so called die hard constitution republicans have already sold their foundationalist souls to the devil to support a man who carries none of their very own self-determined life or family values. this is going to be studied for hundreds of years. I mean, we have witnessed this with other authoritarian leaders, but never in the U.S. We obviously have not learned a thing from a distance, we obviously have to learn this lesson first hand. Yet, still, but....people still support him. I get if you support republican values and some of his policies, but you have to at least admit that him and his team just aren't the right people to do your bidding. stunning to say the least

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Appeals court refuses to reinstate Trump's travel ban

Why do Liberals support criminals and terrorists that murder the innocent? you know what Bob, we don't. so starting today, every time a white person commits an act of terrorism, all white people in the united states will be first, considered a threat, terrorist, or traitor immediately and forever. second, we will use the media and lack of knowledge of your constituent base to cast all white people as radical christian terrorists, creating a social and cultural war of ideals. third, you will not be able to travel outside of your current state, ever. it's just too risky. i mean, how many times have we just let crazy white christians travel freely before they murder? McVey much bro? so calm down snowflake, stop melting, we do not like murder and crime. We had just forgotten to add you to the list

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Kansas lawmaker pursuing transgender bathroom bill

unisex bathrooms. problem solved. game over. move on.

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Despite another string of absences, school board member says she is committed to serving

leslie soden is a grassroots, amazing, Lawrence first woman. We are lucky to have her as mayor. the fact that you compare a dedicated citizen in this town to farmer and adair only does one thing, displays your ignorance.

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Kansas lawmaker leaves loaded gun in Statehouse room

any other black man in topeka in the same situation would have been most likely treated quite differently. but since it's a legislator it's ok. that room is open to the public. what if a regular civilian, not a public official, did the same? would you defend them? my point in the above comment is that a black man basically has to work his way up to a power position to not be shot for having a gun.

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Kansas lawmaker leaves loaded gun in Statehouse room

and ol' justin hoffman calling someone ignorant. kettle, meet pot

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Kansas lawmaker leaves loaded gun in Statehouse room

black legislator leaves gun in building. nothing. let's make excuses. black civilian living in poverty in the same situation? shot. just like in minnesota.

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Kansas lawmaker leaves loaded gun in Statehouse room

no crap he is black. that is exactly my point!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Kansas lawmaker leaves loaded gun in Statehouse room

the sad thing is that if a black civilian had a loaded gun in the same vicinity, he would probably already be dead.

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Trump moves to build border wall, cut sanctuary city funds

building a wall does nothing. there is already a southern wall between mexico and the more dangerous places further south. does that stop them from coming? nope. Also, pulling out funding for sanctuary cities has the opposite impact that you desire. instead of making places safer for ALL americans, it takes away an immigrants ability to call the police without knowing they will not be deported. that means, every time an immigrant witnesses a crime against legal persons here, they will not report it and more people will face higher rates of unresolved crime. Same goes for the gag order on abortion funds overseas. the world health organization makes it very clear that cutting off these funds dramatically increases the abortion rates in other countries. this is the problem here. people are so willing to back something that "sounds good" according to their ideals. then they throw all of their being behind it without investigating, researching and actually uncovering the true impact of these executive orders. you are supporting decisions that will have the opposite impact on this country that you desire. and it's because you are willing to blindly follow someone that makes you feel good, makes you think progress is happening, all the while more babies will be, in your words, murdered this year than last. crime in communities with illegals will rise. and the wall will only create increased strain on the relationship between us and our border countries. it's a shame that you can walk around promoting these decisions by our president not even knowing the true impact of such decisions. it's sad. it's unacceptable. and it should make you ashamed of yourself. you are not an american. american requires informed citizens. you are a puppet on a string.

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