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Justice not done


I just came off a year long deployment overseas last July in an "all voluntary" Army. I don't think growing a pair is the issue here. The issue is the safety of community when they are trying to enjoy a little recreation. I would like to see something proactive being done to keep places like Holcomb from having people with less than honerable intentions be allowed to linger around the property.

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Justice not done

One more thing, it initially appeared to be just some kids goofing off. The kid who was struck didn't seem to too concerned and just continued to stand there and talk on the phone. But when the second guy started toward him, he started to walk away and it appeared to be over. As I started to pull away, I saw the kids legs as he was going over the top of the fence and another set of legs of the kid in pursuit. After pulling over, I saw that they had made it half way across the outfield grass. I don't know if any more punches were thrown because I didn't see what happened in between. I am sure that there were plenty of parents dialing the police as there were quite a few spectators watching the softball game.

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Justice not done

I hollered at them to cut it out. Then I saw that one of the Holcomb staff was on the edge of the sidewalk next to the parking lot and I pulled my car over and got out and talked with him telling him what I saw transpire. He was hollering at the boys and seemed to be on top of the situation. The thought of calling the police did cross my mind initially, but when I saw that he (staff member) was engaged with the situation, I figured he knew what protocol to follow from there. From their reaction to him, he appeared to know who they were and they were responding to his directions.

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Justice not done

Speaking of thugs, I witnessed an act of thuggery as I was leaving Holcomb Park last night. Seven to eight teenage youth harassing another young man. By harassing I mean, one punches him upside the head while he is standing there talking on a cell phone all the while dropping "N" bombs left and right (which I suppose was fine because he and all his buddies were black). Then another one steps up wanting to get a piece of the action, also dropping "N" bombs like they were free. Eventually, the outnumbered and much smaller recipient of the punch, jumps the center field fence on Holcomb Blue and is pursued by one and possibly two of these thugs. The pursuit goes half way across the outfield grass toward the infield, where there just happened to be a girls softball game going on (girls that were 10-12?). Three or four of the other youth in the group/gang were cheering them on while hanging over the outfield fence.

They finally all come back together in the Holcomb parking lot, and with basketballs carried by a few of them, proceed into the Holcomb Rec Center. Just a couple of weeks earlier I witnessed another cuss filled verbal skirmish take place inside the rec center as two individuals were leaving the building (one male and one female) while I was there for a coaches meeting. There seems to be more and more young individuals that are up to no good hanging out at the Holcomb Rec Center. I hope that someone can police this activity up soon or we will probably see an increase in the number and severity of the criminal activities taking place there.

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Siemens plans wind turbine plant in Kansas

Oh, the wind outside is frightful,
The dust is so delightful,
We gotta make them turbines go,
Let it blow, let it blow, let it blow.

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Driver in January Burger King robbery pleads guilty to lesser charges

Informed says...

"Anyone wanna place bets on how quickly he violates his probation?"

I was thinking the same thing. If this kid is really a thug, he won't make two years of probation without doing something stupid. Either way, he already has a blemish (guessing at least a misdemeanor) on his criminal record and will find it a little awkward when he is filling out his next job application.

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Long high speed chase ends near Kansas Highway 7

"I was at the initial scene going east on 19th just crossed Naismith..........I lost sight of them as they went through 19th/Haskell."


Were you chasing the chase?

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Fire at Mass Street Hookah causes $42,000 in damage

"A portion of Massachusetts Street was shut down during the fire fight."

Fire fight? Sounds like something that could happen while patrolling the streets of Fallujah.

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Handgun missing after police arrest vacationing couple

"Sgt. Michael McLaren said the couple, a 20-year-old man and his 19-year-old wife, was on vacation doing target practice."

My idea of a great vacation is going to Colorado to do some hiking and sight seeing. I never would have thought about taking a vacation driving from Lawrence to North Carolina to do target practice.

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Two of three suspects ordered to trial for fight in 1300 block of New Jersey


"I'm so glad I don't live in good ole L-Town any longer."

We are also so glad you don't live here .

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