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Lawrence voters approve $18 million library expansion

I am going to be reminded of this every morning as I start my commute driving by TJ Max at 0630 heading east on 31st street. I see a minimum of two city buses either both parked, or one just rolling and the other either parked or just pulling into a bus parking zone. The one that takes off makes a right on Ousdahl and heads in the direction of Walmart. The other day I saw one bus making the right turn on Ousdahl, one parked and one pulling into the parking stall (3 buses at 0630 within a block and a half of each other).

How many people are looking for a ride to Walmart that time of day? If they have to walk to the bus stop right there, they might as well continue on foot another two blocks and save their bus fare for a longer trek.

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Lawrence voters approve $18 million library expansion

What a terrible waste of resources. I agree with ResQd, the way that this item was worded on the ballot was very confusing. I had to read it five or six times and still wasn't sure whether I was voting for or against. One of the other items on the ballot spelled it out quite clear, if you vote yes - this is the outcome, if you vote no - this is the outcome. I guess I should spend more time in the library, since my Master's degree from our fine University didn't make me very smart. Maybe if this money was spent on getting people better paying jobs in town, I wouldn't be working an hour away. If we didn't have four kids that would be terribly upset if we moved, we would move.

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Gov. Parkinson orders flags to half-staff for soldier killed in Afghanistan

Tough deal. I am having a little trouble coming up with the right things to say. What the people of the United States have to understand, whether or not they believe in the two wars we have been fighting for the last 9 years, is that our soldiers go into harms way because that is what they are asked to do, and what they are trained to do. God bless you SPC Moffitt. You went above and beyond the call of duty. To your family, I am sorry for your loss. Your family has just gotten bigger, not smaller. Every soldier that is still alive, and all of those that have passed along the way, are a part of your family.

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Fort Riley soldiers begin deployment in Iraq

Good luck and godspeed.

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Kansas Guard soldiers returning from Kosovo


You are correct. The NCOs are the backbone of the Army, but the Army spouses are the backbone of the NCOs. My wife was a rock when I was gone. Raising our four sons without an extra hand was quite a feat. Very courageous. Much like my oldest sister who raised two boys by herself for twenty years. Unfortunately, she passed away while I was deployed. What many people don't think about, when we are deployed, our families are so far away, and when something bad happens, we are often not able to get home in time to help. Our shift took over 160 Red Cross messages in the 9 months we were in country. Some of them were wonderful (birth of a child), but most of them were tough (parents killed in car crash, house burned down, teenage son critically injured in car crash, tornado wiped out home, home burglarized, spouse in financial distress, and so on). Once again KFOR12, glad to have you home and thank you for your service.

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Kansas Guard soldiers returning from Kosovo

One more thing, KFOR12 soldiers, thank you for your service.

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Kansas Guard soldiers returning from Kosovo

Did you ever serve your country? Either you did not, or you did not have a good experience if you did. When I say a good experience, I did not mean a great time. I meant that you did something that you were proud of, regardless of what events put you there. You were asked by your government to do a job, a job that today is done by an all voluntary group of individuals, and you did it to the best of your ability. Right or wrong, just or unjust, you did what you were asked to do. I am proud to be an American, and I am proud of our military personnel. Do a little research and read about the Battle of Wanat in Afghanistan. I will give you a little summary: A platoon of soldiers had been given a mission to set up a combat outpost with only two weeks before they were to rotate back to the States after serving fifteen plus months in country. They were attacked by 200 Taliban militia with small arms fire, heavy machine gun fire, RPGs and mortar rounds. Outnumbered 4 to 1, they fought a fierce battle without wavering. Three hours later, nine American soldiers had lost their lives and most of the remaining were injured during the attack. There is a lot more that I have left out, but the bottom line is, they did a thankless job, or at least a thankless job when they have to listen to someone like you that rants anti war rhetoric. Enjoy your time here in the USA. Without our military men and women, you would be in a far worse place.

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Lawrence High wrestler escapes with a victory

I agree with WrestlingFan99_us, more coverage of high school wrestling in the LJW would be great. LHS has a very strong program right now and will get better over the course of the next couple of years (and beyond).

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KU police connect crimes to sports brawl

I don't get it.

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Club Axis must pay city's legal fees, plus possible fines for operating illegally

awacvhcblhw crew = lynch mob?

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