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Brownback says state is returning to feds $31.5 million health care reform grant

A similar question is how many jobs were lost in collecting/creating that money.

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Unlike Kansas, California and Florida have laws allowing municipalities to set price guidelines for tow companies

I'm not sure why the guy having his vehicle towed didn't just ask how much they charge??

Also I know my insurance covers the tow fees after I pay my deductible. Sounds to me like someone just didn't prepare or plan ahead.

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Pickup driver sentenced for hitting bicyclist

I still don't see how any of this compensated the victim....14 days in jail is a would have been better to make him give 14 days of his income to the actual victim who now has to pay to feed, clothe, educate and provide medical services for the same man that almost killed him.

All you people on this forum calling for this person to go to jail for a longer sentence are truly ignorant. Yes, are criminal justice system is a joke...since it only exists to support itself not to keep us the public safer.

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U.S. Rep. Jenkins visits Wellsville

I would like some proof of these wild claims of job creation in the private sector....corporate profits are up due to the large amounts of lay offs and cost cutting, the stock market is in no way indicative of national economic growth, and the Chamber of Commerce is not something I would say is a good way to increase private middle class wealth since they only support larger corporate interests.

This country is still mired in a depression and it will only get worse and yes Jenkins is no means the answer to any of our problems, but then again neither are the democrats.

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Douglas County Sheriff's officers make 24 stops, but issue no DUIs, in St. Patrick's Day saturation patrol

Woot...all that extra money generated by all those fines helped keep me safe!!

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Baldwin City man claims he had no intent to harm bicyclist

If found guilty I agree with him paying the cyclist for medical bills, bike repairs, and perhaps something reasonable for pain and suffering, but 30 days in jail and $5,000 fine seems like it would not be productive and will not benefit the actual injured party in this case.

The only person that deserves compensation is the victim, by putting this guy in jail for 30 days, means the victim has to pay twice for the event in which they were the injured party.

I agree with the anger management, but that also should be paid for by the person found guilty not the county or courts, but the other punishments sound extreme and will probably result in the person found guilty losing his job and income which means he wont be able to pay back the victim, which is the wrong approach.

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Town Talk: City says snow shoveling ordinance to be enforced; Lawrence ICL plant to expand; Special Olympics bid faces stiff competition

Remember they are doing this to keep you has nothing to do with collecting almost a $100 in fines from the already cash strapped citizens.

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Nebraska’s Niles Paul says he was taunted by Husker fans after loss

Political Correctness (imho) is forcing yourself or others to like or tolerate someone not based on who they are but what they are.

It allows certain aspects of society to reduce everyone in it to groups and label them with a some sort of social stigma. This then makes it easier to divide society into groups that will act against the entire society as whole best interests since by doing this Society will tend to forget that we are all really the same creatures with very similar hopes and dreams.

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Douglas County commissioners agree to help fix Baldwin City traffic hazard

Your right, it was Dorathy and the BOE that dropped the ball on this and many other issues. If your upset about this and other issues I think it's time for people to come to the meeting in November and voice their disappointment in the Administration and the job they are doing.

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Baldwin City resident files for House seat

meggers, you could argue you that all you want but you would be wrong, the problem is allot more simpler then that.

The real problem in your case is the Central Bank the Federal Reserve with lettting the banks borrower at such low interest rates then you have the Federal Govt belief that certain banks and companies were too big to fail.

With that attitude truly do you blame the banks for doing what they did when they knew that that their buddies running The treasury and the Federal Reserve would use our nations currency to bail them out at our expense. I mean to them this was all profit with no real risk.

Also keep in mind all the $$ that was spent on bank bailouts has been repayed for the most part, it's Federal Reserve Bailout of AIG and the Federal Govt. Bailout of GM that is costing us billions. But once again that was the current administrations way of buying votes.

Just as the last administration used foreign invasion to generate money for their friends and distract the public with fears of terrorists.

Granted this is very simplified but my point is that Dem or Rep, it doesn't matter they all support the status quo which is more Govt Power and Less Freedom for us.

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