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A Devil, you say: Ottawa standout Semi Ojeleye says Duke best fit

I'm an Ottawa resident, a KU alum and a huge basketball fan, but that doesn't stop me from being happy for this young man. He's earned a great opportunity to attend Duke! You can't fault the kid for choosing Duke--it's an elite program and the academics are awesome. KU wasn't right for him, end of story. Don't rag on the kid because he didn't want to play here, he had to choose the place that was the best fit, and that happened to be somewhere other KU. I'm glad LJW did a story on Semi, he's a local kid with a bright future ahead of him. Best of luck!

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Statehouse Live: Teacher retirements, reductions increase dramatically

I'm a teacher. I've got a second job in the summer to make ends meet, I'm taking 15 credit hours at Kansas State University to continue my education and gain re-certification, AND I have worked with students every day for the last two weeks (school has been out for nearly a month) without any extra pay. Why? Because I believe my job has value and I enjoy what I do. I am getting another degree so that I can be BETTER at what I do, so I can be a BETTER teacher to the students who rely on me. This is a full time job and I work hard everyday, 12 months out of the year, even though I am only paid for 9 of those months. I will continue to educate to the fullest extent of my ability, despite all the attacks from parents, community members, and government officials who have no clue what I do and believe me to be greedy and lazy simply because I chose to teach.

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Are Teachers Professionals?

I have not received a "step-raise" in three years due to the budget shortfalls in my district. However, I remember the days when I did receive my longevity raise, and it added about $10 to each paycheck. What a huge "cost of living" raise we teachers receive.

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Just blame it on the ‘liberals’

Fox News, who else? They are using McCarthy-esque tactics to scare the gullible public. I wish people would not believe everything they hear on the television. Do some independent research and form your own opinions. Conservative and liberal media are both guilty of telling people what to believe.

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Do you support a plan in the Kansas Legislature to increase the sales tax 1 cent on the dollar to protect funding for education and social services?

Consolidating school districts is NOT the answer. It kills communities, and it doesn't save a lot of money. When you consolidate schools, you are vastly increasing the student population in one district, which would force the remaining districts to spend more money on expanding facilities, updating technology, buying new transportation, and hiring more teachers to educate that sudden influx of students. I lived in a small community that was about 30 miles from Colorado (and 40 miles south of I-70), and the school is the heart of the community. If that school district were to close, then that town would very quickly become a ghost town. Consolidation of school districts will not work like some think it will. The number of kids doesn't change, only how far away they have to go to get to school.

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Just blame it on the ‘liberals’

Interesting article from the Socialist party about how far from Socialism the Obama politics are.

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School board makes start on cuts

You're right, it could mean any of the music teachers in the district. And I agree, it shouldn't have to come to a choice between the arts and athletics--however, somehow it always does. The arts always lose that battle. We are doing a great disservice to our children if we continually sacrifice arts programs--first 6th grade instrumental music, then what?

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School board makes start on cuts

Yes, if they cut these positions, then they will be losing some of the best music educators in the state. Music teachers everywhere would love to work in Lawrence because of the quality programs, top-notch staff, and the community support for the arts. It is certainly a rarity! Hopefully there will be a massive amount of parents and supporters at the meeting tonight to sway the board to not cut this valuable program. This cut will put Lawrence students at a disadvantage compared to most comparable districts in the state. The board needs to understand that music is necessary for the education of the whole child.

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School board makes start on cuts


I'm sorry you feel that way. However, these are comments that I hear everywhere! I love my job and I love my students--that's why all this business has me very worked up. Wouldn't you get emotional if your livelihood was torn up, ridiculed, and disrespected like mine is? I go to school everyday, wondering what new cuts are going to happen today: is this going to be the day they decide to cut music from my school district? Will my colleagues and friends have jobs tomorrow? And through all of this mess, I still strive to provide the same learning and the same opportunities for my kids that I always have. I still teach each class with 100% effort all the time--they always get my best, even if I am worried about what I'm going to do with my house if my position is cut. I am human too, so forgive me if I'm not sunshine and rainbows all the time. Doesn't it make you angry what they are doing to our kids? They are taking away so many opportunities! Programs like music can benefit any child--gifted, average, below average, even those with severe disabilities. This is not like athletics where only the select can ever gain anything. I want to do what's best for KIDS, and that's keeping teachers in the classroom. So excuse me while I defend my colleagues and my profession.

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School board makes start on cuts

Cutting 6th grade band and orchestra is wrong. If you want to talk about a program that TRULY helps kids in all facets of their lives, then that's the one. This is a huge mistake--no one starts instrumental music in 7th grade--this is going to put Lawrence behind every other district in the state. Cut at the administrative level and you can save a program that benefits every student who goes through it. This is not right. They have tried to do this before, and I hope the parents and students and community members who understand the value and the NEED for this program come out in droves tonight to save it.

As for the Ottawa Herald posting all teacher salaries, that was completely inappropriate and tacky. My students do not need to know how much I am being paid to teach them (unless they do their research on their own). Salaries are public record--if you're so interested then get off your butt, go down to the board office, and look them up. The Herald is a sorry excuse for a newspaper that would rather attack education in Franklin County than report on all the good that happens in those same school systems. They have zero journalistic integrity--it was not an endeavor in investigative journalism, it was to sell a few papers.

Lastly, I want to apologize for being a teacher who isn't receiving welfare checks. I'm sorry I have a mortgage and bills to pay. I'm sorry I don't teach for free. Teachers don't deserve to be paid based on their experience or on their level of education--hell, according to some of you, anyone could teach and we don't even need a degree! We fart around from 7:15am to 3:30pm and we sit on our butts for three months in the summer. We LIKE our jobs (and some even have the gall to LOVE their jobs!), and therefore it shouldn't bother us to take massive pay cuts, because we'd do anything for our students. It's a privilege to teach your kids--we should be paying YOU! Seriously though, that's what it feels like sometimes. There are wonderful parents and community members out there who understand and appreciate what educators do for their children and city, and I want to thank those people for really wanting what is best for kids.

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