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Douglas County towing regulations ‘need to be fixed,’ administrator says

19th Street Towing for the win! Their owner is a stand up guy who once gave me a free tow when his driver tried to charge me an exorbitant rate. The owner gave me his personal cell number, and made a follow up call to me. Really good guy.

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Smooth sailing: Coaches’ familiarity eases transition

Finishing last year at 2-10 is probably a really strong motivator. I'm guessing exactly none of the players want that again.

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Douglas County Commission increases camping fees but says fireworks still OK at Lone Star Lake

Good luck enforcing that provision of no swimming under the dock. In the absence of ladders, that's the only way to get back to the beach without going through snake country.

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City again orders recycling center to clean up property

Here's a guy who has been providing a service for decades. The neighbors are like people who move under the flight path and complain about the plane noise. Shouldn't have been a surprise, guys.

I also must point out how Lawrencians LOVE recycling and "green industries" until they see one up close. Then they become about five years old and start yelling "ooooh, yucky!"

You want jobs to stay in America? Get used to some of them not being pretty. Not everyone's an architect or a techie or a professor. If you're going to have a good life, someone else has to get their yard dirty.

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Bishop of Kansas finds true calling helping to lead Episcopal Church

In before the Richard Dawkins crowd can come yell at us for wasting our time building community, feeding the hungry, and providing help to struggling families.

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Papa Keno’s remains open as owner files for bankruptcy

Since you no longer live here, it would be easy to miss the lines out the door at Sylas and Maddy's. I can't remember the last time I took my kids there when it was "nearly empty."

Penny Annie's closed because they were tired of running the business.

If the downtown retailers learned to stay open after most people are done with work, this whole "competing with big box stores" wouldn't be an issue. I'd infinitely rather get the birthday presents at The Toy Store, but I end up going to Target.

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Town Talk: The Bourgeois Pig lands on national list of best coffee houses; enjoy your summer driving; Santa Fe Depot misses out on federal funding

This ugly little box is like a bad girlfriend: Lawrence, you're just going to have to let her go.

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Service restored to Westar Energy customers after large power outage Sunday morning affects thousands

Only 324? BS. Most of East Lawrence along New York & Delaware Streets are out and most of the downtown businesses are dark.

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Home win streak broken

Wait.... you mean playing Washburn, Emporia State, Texas A&M Corpus Christi, Miami of Ohio and UT Arlington doesn't prepare you to play tough games? I'm surprised. I sure didn't see this coming.

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Only ‘suitable’?

Do you honestly believe non-profits are any different? Do you honestly believe that government agencies, given the choice between "the greater good" and "more money in the budget" will choose the greater good? If so, how do you explain the farce that is border security, the TSA, Medicare/Medicaid fraud, etc., etc.,etc.

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