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School district surprise causes largest property tax increase in recent memory to get a bit larger

This is a great example of living in Brownbackistan. The misery of his "tax cuts" (ie., wealth transfers) lingers on.

The state legislature played along and made things worse. Then they finally had to scramble to do something to fix school funding.

Now the local school districts have to scramble to get their districts eligible for state funding.

Meanwhile the beneficiaries of austerity get to complain about how "this just shows how you can't trust public schools" and the non-beneficiaries (everyone else) pays for the privilege of the wealthiest.

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Shooting range prepares to locate in eastern Lawrence

Yeah, it's a mystery to me how, after decades and decades of completely safe operation, the downtown range was too risky and gun ranges just can't be around decent people.

I'm not an NRA member, I'm absolutely for fewer and more tightly regulated guns, but bullets don't magically teleport out of 2 feet of concrete.

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Company at center of alleged money laundering, undocumented worker scheme worked at Rock Chalk Park

Okay, how many red flags have we seen on this?

We need a special prosecutor to investigate.

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Opening date in sight for Ladybird Diner; Turnhalle meeting set; police headquarters, mini golf, paintball, teen center and more

After the Rock Chalk debacle -- which really does not pass any smell test -- we don't much of a reason to trust the commission. And there's never a reason to trust the police. So any proposal on this is going to start with two strikes against it.

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Lawrence transit system ranked No. 36 in the country; construction firm purchases North Lawrence property

Todd, that's like when football fans say "well, if you take away the interceptions, they're a great team" or when stock analysts say "well, when you deduct that one-time extraordinary expense, they're a profitable company!"

The numbers are the numbers. If the students ride, it's still cars off the street. Which, in a town of 100,000 with roads built for a population of 50,000, is a pretty good deal.

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Lawrence police: Gambling game, fake gun lead to aggravated assault

Police have not released the name of the suspect, but have confirmed that he is dumb as a box of hammers.

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Wheel Genius: Road work planned this week

Does anyone out there know what exactly the "work" is on the Kansas River Bridge. It's been down to one lane on each side for weeks and I have seen no activity at all. Occasionally there will be a pick up truck parked there.

Are they working on the underside?

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Sound Off: Stoplight timing

So the answer is "the software we have will make it okay"?

That's odd because when I drove the T-Bus down 23rd Street, I could tell you the length of time each traffic signal would take to go from Red to Green. It's almost like the "software" consisted solely of a timer..... ;-)

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Future uses of Burlington Northern train depot in Lawrence uncertain

My suggestion for its future use is "rubble". Firstly the building is as ugly as sin and should only be in architecture textbooks with the caption "don't do this." Secondly, this idea of the city buying it because it's for sale cheap is wildly irresponsible.

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If I wanted to make sure someone had a bad experience, I would send them here. These people are masters of the "upsell". Getting out of this place with a pair of glasses is worse than going to a used car lot. At every opportunity, they want you to sit down, wait for something "and have a look around!" Then they have so many exciting options for you! The antiscratch, the lensless bifocal, the antiglare coating, the frame that looks a little better on your face for "just a little bit more."

Awful experience. So unhappy I went hre.

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