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Lawrence experts illuminate differences between incandescents and CFLs

I never knew so many people were so passionate about their light bulbs.

I have been switching to CFL's as the old incandescent burnout over the past three - four years and have only had to replace one CFL b/c I broke it when switching it out for a xmas light....and even though I used caution when cleaning it up I was able to do it with out a hazmat suit.

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Portion of West Ninth Street closed for waterline break

No matter how much was "swept" away there is still enough to pay six workers to stand around the hole and look inside of it. Every so often one or two workers will do some actual work while the other four watch.

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Should marijuana be legalized?

"Marijuana is just as bad as alcohol."??? In what ways?

Or did you mean it is just as bad ass as alcohol? I would disagree with this too but at least it would be a positive statement.

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Tonganoxie mayor says he did not attempt suicide

couple things, 1. If the mayor did not want his life to be public, he should not have become a public official. If the same thing would have happened to some cashier it probably would not have made the news.
2. If you know so much about journalism perhaps you should start your own newspaper and report on stories only after they are a year old so you can make sure the facts known to you at the time a story is first reported do not change.

If you don't read the LJW how do you know anything about what has been published this week?

Keep doing your job LJW and JK. Most people understand that things change.

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Parkinson signs statewide smoking ban into law

the "greater good"

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Parkinson set to sign into law indoor smoking ban

kansasredlegs (anonymous) says…
Best legislation to come out of the legislature this session. Long overdue. I have never smoked a cigarette in my life; however, I quit smoking when I moved out of the family home and left the family of smokers behind.


Did you make the decision to move out on your own? Or did the government force you to move out?

Kind of nice to make your own decisions isn't it?

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Parkinson set to sign into law indoor smoking ban

It's okay to have stinky poop or even loud poop, just as long as you keep it at home. Never take it into a public place or you may offend somebody who takes quiet, non-stinky poops...even if they are a former stinky pooper.

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"Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives": An update

Don't thing anything here in Lawrence would fit the bill. If they did get on the show it would just be embarrassing compared to the places Guy usually visits.


Anybody ever been to Cozy Inn Burger in Salina?

Little bit of heaven in the middle of the state for 90+ years with one menu item and six bar stools!

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"Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives": An update


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Have you ever used the word "retard" to refer to someone in a derogatory way?

Stan Smith of "American Dad" was able to use it in a complimentary way while patching things up with his wife in one episode.

Stan: "If being stupid makes you beautiful, then I think you're down right retarded!"

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