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Public hears plans for library expansion

Plus the fact that they could sell the current site for some kind of anyone?

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Public hears plans for library expansion

So, at $18 million for 20,000sf, they are willing to have the taxpayers pay $900 per square foot for this renovation. That is ludicrous. I know for a fact that the city could buy the eastern half of the Rivefront Mall for around $3.5 Millon and that is 45,000sf. They also would have 100 parking spaces versus the 20 that they have now. So, let's say they spent $123/sf to renovate the Riverfront. That's $200/sf, with over twice the space and five times the parking. What am I missing here? $18 million for 20,000sf versus $9 million for 45,000sf.

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Wal-Mart proposal up for city approval

A buddy of mine needed some extra spending money and couldn't find anything else, so he applied at Wal-Mart as a checker. He's making $11.50/hour! Maybe we should give them a tax abatement for creating new jobs that pay above a "living wage."

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City leaders dispute Census

Yes, you are right. My story was long winded. But $62,000 in Lawrence is about $25,000 higher than the median. And then you can add in the bennies, which are worth another $10,000/year minimum. Not bad. Maybe it's not a lot to guy like you, but it would be great to have that kind of a job available in Lawrence.

There are plenty of people working in Lawrence right now that don't make anywhere near that much.

I'm just tired of reading and hearing about the businesses that can't or won't locate here because we won't welcome them, or they can't find a spot that suites them.

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City leaders dispute Census

Did anyone notice that Baldwin and Ottawa have incresed their populations? Does anyone remember when we pushed the Wal Mart Distribution Center away to Ottawa? Does anyone recall that we didn't want the American Eagle Distribution Center?

I heard an interesting story the other day from a guy who is an old time Lawrencian. He has a small business here. His dad and uncle were in business here and very successful when Lawrence was a small, but fast growing community. He told me that a few years ago, he had an employee leave his company to go to work for the Wal Mart Dsitribution Center. At the time, it wasn't a high paying job; maybe $5 or $6 an hour. But he was given health benefits, a 401k plan, etc, and he had a family, so he decided to take the job.

Today that former employee is a district manager and makes $30/hour, has a nice retirement plan that continues to grow, health benefits, etc. He lives in Ottawa. He spends his hard earned money in Ottawa. His property taxes and sales taxes are helping to improve Ottawa.

We need jobs in Lawrence. We need high paying jobs, medium paying jobs and yes, even low paying jobs, because even low paying jobs will help build our tax base back up.

There are a hundred other stories out there just like the one my old Lawrencian told me. WE HAVE PUSHED AWAY THE JOBS FOR LONG ENOUGH.

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City must figure how to balance its budget

How does repairing the engine help sell the car?

I'm just saying that the sales tax increase won't kill us if we get off our butts and start rebuilding what we've pushed away. And more amenities draw more people.

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City must figure how to balance its budget

You are right Jack. That's why we need to get our act together and get a broader tax base by allowing industry (and new retail) to come to Lawrence.

You can't sell a pretty car without an engine, and sometimes engine repairs cost a little bit in the short term so you can make it back in the long term.

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City must figure how to balance its budget

Bring on the 1 cent on the dollar (or 1%) sales tax.

Then we can get some of the things we want and need, while in the meantime welcoming new industry to build the tax base back up.

The sales tax is a much better alternative than raising property taxes, which everyone will pay for (landlords and tenants). The sales tax will come from our own shoppers and those who do come to Lawrence from outside of Lawrence.

What's another $1 spent per $100 at the store if we get back on track and start becoming the city we are capable of becoming?

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Two new faces in City Hall

Thanks to all that voted, and more thanks to all that blog here. I haven't laughed this hard in a long time.

I don't come to this site often, but this has been fun.

Some priceless comments in here. I think it's hilarious that some of you think that voting for business minded people will turn us into some twin to Olathe. Where is Olathe University anyway?

Also hilarious is the notion that downtown will suffer due to the new boys doing the voting. If downtown is smart, it will embrace these new leaders and let them help downtown get some more tenants, both commercial and residential.

I laughed hard at the bloggers poo-pooing the new boys' abilities when it comes to getting jobs in Lawrence. It certainly couldn't get any worse!! The current city commission has done everything in their power to shun any and all interested parties. Why not give these guys a shot?

Thanks for all the laughs!

But try to be a little more positive with your attitudes. You might self fulfill your own prophecies.

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Western precincts appear to have stronger voting turnout

Your name is appropriate bozo

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