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Threats rattle schools

In today's printed version of the LJW: "city employees and David Corliss left City Hall." Isn't the captain supposed to stay with the ship?

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Bill would raise local taxes, tuition to pay for university maintenance

I know a few people that work or have worked in for the KU maintenance department.
There are people that really work in that department, but most folks do as little as possible, and get paid quite handsomely.
Maybe we can start there before we make every citizen pay for this crap!

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Homeless census has 'stunning' result

Bottom line is we need to help these people by providing services, not hand-outs. They need help preparing a budget and learning how to live within their means.

The Salvation Army tries to do this. LCS does not. LCS has a day shelter and they could be helping these families, but instead they chose to coddle the "chronic homeless".

LCS needs to move away from their output model and move toward an outcome based model. They have the room to have a daycare area/play room for the children while the parents attend classes or receive services or look for jobs. They could make a positive difference for the families in the community who need their help!

Instead they ARE a magnet for the criminals that we all see and hear on the streets and that make downtown a very nasty place to shop and spend time with your family. The families don't "come here", a lot of them are local, but how dare you to say that you are doing a good job when you have children walking around at LCS in the middle of a bunch of people that nobody knows anything about. The police has found so many different criminals at LCS, it's downright frightening! Sex offenders, drug dealers, child molesters, and the list goes on and on and on and on.

Tell the city commission that the tens of thousands of dollars that they are putting into LCS are not helping the people who need it and that we need to take our tax dollars and help the children. Not a damned dime should go to these hard core homeless professionals. Stop sheltering them. For god's sake, what are we doing? Helping a bunch of cons and having them as role models for the kids?


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Shelter notes progress

10 to 15 people trespassing on neighbor's property is unacceptable. So is pooping in neigbor's yards. So is threatening neighbors. So is staff having to call the police 216 times (mind you, these do not include others calling the police). So is cruelty to animals on the LCS property. So is . . . .

Now you can't use the daytime services if you're drunk or high, but please come back tonight.

Unfortunately not much has changed for the neighborhood or downtown. We still have the same mess. The mentally ill and the truly homeless are still not being helped and fall through the cracks.

Hemphill is right; they are "improving" for themeselves. They are scared of their own clients, or guests as they call them.

And when a friend of mine asked a couple of the "homeless" (they always hang out in front of LCS) if they wanted to make a few bucks shoveling some snow a couple of weeks ago, she got yelled at and told to "go where the sun don't shine". And those are people that the city throws money at?

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Advocate wants funding for homeless issues on ballot

StirrThePot wrote: "instead give donations to the shelters who help support folks in need"

Unfortunately some shelters decide to exactly give their money to the not-so-homeless-people you encounter on Mass. Please see many previous posts.

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Advocate wants funding for homeless issues on ballot

Ragingbear, thank you for your post.

The city in all of its wisdom needs to stop throwing money at this problem, and really start looking at it.
Major Amyx promised the city last year that by the same time next year (right about now) the city commission would have finally done something about this problem.

Nothing has been done. Henderson and his troops have outlawed booze on the premises (I was shocked to learn that booze was even allowed up until that time) and held some meetings (or maybe it was the Coalition on Homelessness aka "We Rubber-Stamp Everything Henderson Proposes) at times that the rest of us work to support him and his "guests".
In the meantime the cops find someone in the Shelter with warrants from here to Tokyo, while Henderson promised to start looking into back-ground-checks a year ago. This is our LAWRENCE. This is happening on our DOWNTOWN streets that we spend so much money on to have people shop downtown. NOBODY is going to shop downtown if you have to step over bodies and get bothered 3 times each block for money or cigarettes.

Nothing has changed. There is still a small minority that really needs help and that the city (us) should care for. The rest needs to be cut off and sent home, wherever that is (and nor do I care).
Stop enabling drunks, lazy folks, and everyone else mentioned in previous posts except for that small group that really needs help. Close the Drunk Tank, open up a small psychiatric unit away from downtown but on a bus route, and help the people that need us.
The rest will leave just as quickly as they came (and that was quick).

For once, open your eyes and look around you. Lawrence is going to hell if we keep doing what we're doing.

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City seeks state advice on bar issue

"Not to sound simplistic, but what about police presence? A little harassment maybe? It worked in Westport. I know they can do it, LPD had no problem harassing the bar I worked at when we had a few MIPs."

Dear ESTESPARK: It actually IS that simple. Steffes (Last Call and Coyotes) came to town and gathered a bunch of Lawrence cops around him as his friends. By the time that some of the cops that were "hanging" with Mr. Steffes had figured out that he was up to no good, the damage was already done and now you have this mess.

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Chiefs owner Lamar Hunt dead at 74

Thank you for everything you have done to bring soccer to the United States. We will miss your passion.

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Do you donate to Toys for Tots or another gift-giving organization?

I just get very frustrated with the christmas spirit hype. I wish folks would give to others during the other 11 months. It doesn't need to be a lot; a little bit goes a long way if everyone pitches in.
Just make sure your money and/or time goes to the folks that need it, and not to some moochers or hang-arounds at LCS.

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Do you donate to Toys for Tots or another gift-giving organization?

I give during the year. What does christmas have to do with giving? Do you really need an excuse or an occasion to give?

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