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Friends help in search for runaway teenager

Both sides of the family are worried sick, obviously, but it is sad to think people start forming opinions of the father of this child, and the father's family, based on the sheer fact they are not mentioned as much as the mother/mother's side, and also because they have not been interviewed or quoted in the papers/news.
I also find it disturbing that in one article, the writer saw it fit to throw in the fact that Stevie's father, just days before Stevie's disappearance, was ordered to have supervised visitation only with his children.
It seems to me that this will only cause the public to start to wonder if the father or the father's family had something to do with this young man's disappearance. I believe that it couldn't be further from the truth.
I also believe there was a lot more going on at home than has been reported.
Yes, children get upset when they are not allowed to do something, (in this case, supposedly because he wasn't allowed to go to the pool) and some may even take off out of anger for a bit, but come on...he has been gone since May 29th, and I just wonder if now he is really just too scared to come home, for fear of getting into even "more" trouble.
May sound strange, but it's certainly a possibility. If he is still in the area, he must know (i would think) about the great concern for him, and might even know of the extent of the publicity surrounding him.
I just hope and pray that he can find the inner strength to go to a trusted adult, and let them know he is ok. He has so many family members who are just sick about this whole thing, and they all hope he will call, or let them know he is ok somehow.
If an adult knows where he is, then please, please do the right thing, and let someone know. If one or more of his friends know something, same goes for you. Please do the right thing so the family has him back in their arms again.

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List of events affected by weather

Mine too. No sense in sending them when it'll be that much harder to pick them up later in the day!

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Jones pleads guilty in Delaware Street shooting case

The sentence sounds just right.

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Simons: Obama a strong campaigner but an untested leader

Suck it up, haters. I can at least say that I'm not going around bashing McCain. I just think Obama's the better choice. Live with it. That's that.

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Obama wins presidency

Yay! Yay! Yay!! 'Bout time!

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Abuse alert

Well, I am a volunteer for the Humane Society; my son works there. I've called them myself to report some things that I've seen.To my knowledge, it was never followed up on. Where are you? You post horrible pictures, and tell of these horrible, but true stories, and when someone actually calls in to tell you about a situation, you haven't done anything?!?Sad to see my son's view on helping animals so hurt because of non-action.Guess you are too busy.

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Join 'Jayni's Kitchen' for fall flavors

And I'm sure it comes with a full bottle or 2 of wine.....

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Residents report pet cats being mutilated; police investigating

To Sugar's Family - You sound like amazing people that had a pretty everyday routine with your animals, or, your family members, as I like to call them.Forget all the psychological b.s. that is being put on here. Plain and simple...the person/s that did this should, and hopefully will pay.It's sad that in today's America, we have to watch over our children like Hawks, but now our pets?Guess if you love someone/pet, be mindful of where they are, and keep a close eye. (not stalker-like to those humans, btw..)Just watch over those in your lives.Bless...

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Residents report pet cats being mutilated; police investigating

Oh my...This is worse than awful. Makes me sick. Why?? I'll be sure to keep my animals in.

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