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Plenty of Lawrence students want to bike, walk to school, study says

Lawrence has used the Walking School Bus Program []. Did this not work?

I know a lot about the program and would like to share if USD 497 is interested. Please have someone contact me and I will gladly share the information.

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Famous Dave's closes Lawrence restaurant; all hail to the sweet potato

Just out of curiosity, why has Lawrence chosen to celebrate "Sweet Potato Month" in October? Based on information provided by the USDA, the "National" month of recognition is in February.


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KU places Kappa Sigma fraternity on interim suspension based on 'disturbing and serious' sexual assault allegations

I mentioned fraternities at first but later included shutting down the entire Greek Community. Doing so, would shut down fraternities AND sororities.

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KU places Kappa Sigma fraternity on interim suspension based on 'disturbing and serious' sexual assault allegations

Differences between a fraternity and a dorm:

- Students living a fraternity are part of a brotherhood and are to cooperate under this idea (and contractual agreement) as a whole.
- Students living in a dorm have no such social/contractual agreement and cannot be held accountable for another students actions, unless they too took part.
I have included a list of news articles showing the dangers of alcohol on campus; all but one example is from KU. The second article included shows how hazing, and death, had led to the removal of the Greek community from several colleges (2002); and the first was recently published at the concern of whether or not colleges should ban the Greek system all together.

Should colleges can fraternities and sororities?

Private (and public) colleges ban fraternities and sororities

Police probe whether UWM fraternity members put drugs in party drinks (Tau Kappa Epsilon)

Hazing incident closes fraternity (Sigma Nu)

KU student sues Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity, alleging underage drinking led to head injury

KU puts Phi Gamma Delta fraternity on two-year probation following hazing investigation

Alcohol may have been factor in death of KU student who fell from roof

Man charged for rape at the Delta Chi fraternity in Lawrence

Do not forget this one, too:
What role does college partying play in sexual assault?

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KU places Kappa Sigma fraternity on interim suspension based on 'disturbing and serious' sexual assault allegations

Why not apply this to all KU fraternities, make campus and the surrounding Greek housing a truly dry campus, and/ or shut down the Greek Community?

There has to be a biased approach as to why Kappa Sig was the only fraternity punished. With all the wild parties held at the Greek housing establishments - not to mention neighboring bars - along Tennessee Street and Emery Road, one fraternity should not be singled out.

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Food challenge participants prepare for week on food stamp-quality budget

I do not understand how this is a problem. Each week, I only spend $50, to feed two adults. How do we manage to do this?

1. Choose recipes.
2. Determine price for purchasing ingredients for recipes. On average this amounts to $7-$10 dollars on a meal that can last up to 2 days.
3. Make a menu of sorts and stick to recipes in your price range.
4. Make enough food to last more than one meal. LEFT OVERS ARE FINE
5. Buy in bulk. If you buy large bags of beans, rice, flour, etc. You won't need to restock for quite some time.

Living on Food Stamps isn't an option for people who need it, thanks to Brownback, but there's ways around it if you plan ahead. Not to mention it's healthier (and often cheaper) to make you own meals instead of relying on processed foods (which typically cost more).

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