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What do you think schools can do to help prevent bullying?

I agree with much of what you said but mostly they learn bullying from watching bulling by other children and learn the reward of seeing the bully's popularity rise.

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‘Occupy’ stands up for middle class

Isn't that a bit adolescent to chalk it all up to a you're-just-jealous attitude? The scales have been seriously tilted in favor of the wealthy to the detriment of the public good. And to say it's all about the poor is a big mistake. It's about the middle class just as much if not more. Take me for example. I am the 99%, yes, but I am the 53%, too.

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How much candy do you buy for Halloween?

7 kinds of candy and 2 of each. I think the bad weighed about 5 lbs. We have a busy neighborhood.

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Would you want to retire in Lawrence?

What you said, Py!! and it's getting overrun with A-holes (see the response to the first post for a great example). There really isn't anything special here. I'm outta here in less than 2 weeks and will enjoy the feature many of the fine features you mentioned offered at my destination.

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‘Occupy’ stands up for middle class

" cake . . " Damn typos! Have at you!!

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‘Occupy’ stands up for middle class

Some people have no ability to comprehend what their reading and that app;lies to the majority of the posters here. Mr. Akst is obviously a capitalist, he says that pretty much, and I'd bet money he votes republican. He is stating he understands why the occupiers are doing what they do and believes they are correct. He's on the money. I find it refreshing that someone who is my polar opposite in many respects gets it. There is common ground to be had. It's too bad there are so many for which common ground and compromise is a foreign concept.

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‘Occupy’ stands up for middle class

What you are saying about the Occupy movement is completely wrong, utterly ridiculous, and a dramatic over simplification of what it's all about and what is actually happening in reality. While the actual occupiers may not be working, they are supported by thousands of people, like myself, who do work. We are sick of sacrificing and failing further behind each year while merit increases don't keep up with inflation, largely due to increasing health care costs, while the fat cats who buy politicians to slant things in their favor are enriched as never been before.

While demonstrating on Mass street Saturday several people either stated or shout at us, "Get a job!" You might as well say, "Let them each cake!" because each sentiment demonstrates the same level of understanding of what the Occupy movement about for the occupiers and their supporters and demonstrates how so out of touch with reality the speaker is.

My sign, "The Invisible Hand of the Free Market Touched Me in a Bad Place," is an expression of my feelings about how my 401(k) was violated due to the malfeasance of the Wall Street crowd and a sentiment appreciated by the many retirees also demonstrating. Who has 401(k)s? Workers do!! And retirees do as well, and we have these schmucks out there screaming at us to get a job.

And one more thing, those people you want so much to get a job, my bet is if they don't already have one they would really, really like to.

Revolt is in progress. Get ready.

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Do you support the Occupy Lawrence protesters in South Park?

And just how would you know? Short-sighted of you, actually. Many are folk on retirement so have 401(k) savings that lost a lot of value. Exactly what my protest sign is about (The Invisible Hand of the Free Market Touched Me in a Bad Place! - come see it Saturday). My feeling that my 401(k) was raped due to the malfeasance of the corporate oligarchy. I have other complaints as well. There are those of us with jobs who work for less and less every year while the CEO's inflate their salaries and brag about profits - all while chipping away at my benefits. We have homes and cars and retirement plans, too, and we can't take it getting any worse!!

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KU prof's research links slow economy to increase in men's desire for more sexual partners

Lots of poor guys seem to be reproducing, so that pretty much blows your whole argument.

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Protesters ready for long occupation of South Park

You just can't escape that junior high mentally, can you?

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