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Former KU football star Aqib Talib ‘person of interest’ in Dallas shooting

My understanding is that they now call a suspect a "person of interest". Same person, different name.

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Thomas Robinson thanks KU fans, well-wishers; Jayhawks focused on K-State

TRob - Thank you for the letter. While there are thousands of stories like yours everyday, I don't know them but I know YOU. While I don't know you personally, you have entertained me immensely these last two years. You are the face of my school and your actions make us proud. You are a player who works his butt off for the team. You are a student who practices when others have free time to party. You are a player that has to listen to criticism in addition to well wishers. You brighten the day for me and every other fan that follows you from a far. You bring us pleasure when watching you play. Your accomplishments, in a small way, feel like our accomplishments. That is why we embrace you. May each day be lighter and lighter for you young man.

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KU target Ben McLemore may wait until April to decide on school

The hats comment is waaaaaay overused and should be retired. Superstition has nothing to so with it. Your comment about us rarely getting kids late is just the opposite. We got Selby, X, Taylor and Rush late and they turned out just fine. In fact, I think Self is the master late closer. What worries me is that It looks like momma wants more time to convince Ben to go to MU and THAT is not good.

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Another top prep to visit Late Night

Well, Outlaw, funny you should mention it.........


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Bobcats to give Collins a shot

You all loved Sherron when he was at kU and now you want to slam him? Classic! However, it really doesn't say anything about Sherron but about the person spouting all this crap.

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Collins to skip USA basketball team trials

Cole taking extra classes and have almost all his credits to graduate after his junior year?

Talk about the writing on the wall!

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NCAA rules place limits on fan enthusiasm

"By your logic, the general public is responsible for the behaviour of the KU jocks who bang around at the clubs. Why not educate the noob jocks and give *THEM* rules to follow instead of trying to dictate to the general public."

Marion -I don't follow you. My statement was about recruits BEFORE they get to a university. My comment was about picking a university based on something (like stars), other than what it should be like academics (Harrison Barnes, for instance) relationship with coaching staff, teammates, style of play, proximity to home and many other legit reasons.

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NCAA rules place limits on fan enthusiasm

So, how does a school distinguish/discriminate between a college student fan and /or a billionaire fan? If you were a recruit and saw Bill Gates was begging you to come to their school or Barack Obama asking you to play for their alma mater would that influence you? Please don't insult me by saying you wouldn't be thinking about how much that connection would benefit you. I think the NCAA rules sometimes appear absurd but one of the points of the rule is to protect the VERY YOUNG students from making decisions based upon stars in their eyes!

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Health officials ask Kansans to be on guard for swine flu

I hate to call posters names like dumb, BUT there sure are a lot of dumb responses to this story. My mother had the Spanish flu in 1918 and survived it. Her father died from it. The world wide death total of this flu was estimated at 50 to 100 million people or the approximate equivalent of one third of the population of Europe. The pandemic is estimated to have affected up to one billion people: half the world's population at the time. There were 600,000 dead in the US alone! Did you get those totals?

They had NO drugs to treat it then and currently there are some new types of flu we have NO DRUGS for now. The time to take action is BEFORE the flu hits, not after it is here. Perhaps a better, more current example of preventive action is what we could have done to prevent AIDS had we known what to do before hand. Don’t let that lesson be lost!

Just because it is mild now, doesn’t mean it will stay that way. This strain is constantly changing as it is passed along and could get to the point it will not respond to drugs and will be much more deadly. My pharmacist friend says there is not enough Tamiflu currently in the US to treat everyone should a pandemic hit us and they couldn't make it in time either. So, there isn’t always a cure.
People, there are suggestions all over the paper/internet on what to do. The time to act is NOW not after it's underway. Don't panic but don’t take this lightly either.

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Three’s company

"I am in it for the long haul,” Releford said. “Next year, the year after, the year after that. I’m not going anywhere. I’m going to work harder in practice, just prove I can play.”Very happy to hear this quote. We need and want 4 year players. Thank you Travis for your hard work and patience!

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