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Egypt's second revolution in two years touches KU faculty, students with ties to the country

I am split over the Egyptian uprising. On one hand, the rule of law and the democratic process allows for a governed people to vote out those that are not doing a good job. It establishes a way for citizens to live peacefully. On the other hand, a government that starts messing with the courts, free speech, and cutting out participation of large chunks of their people is a dangerous administration. What if the people had started a coup to oust Hitler earlier in his grab for power? By the time people recognized what he was doing Hitler had TOTAL control. Sometimes it’s too late to do anything after a leader has dismantled the countries entire infrastructure of government. Morsy could have decided to suspend presidential elections in the future after he had an iron grip on the country and it would have changed into something other than a democracy no matter how it started out. Perhaps the people had already decided that was the case since Morsy reneged on many of his promises. We can’t just wholly transplant our western democracy to another country. Our beginnings were just different and Egypt has to find a way for itself.

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Athletes’ tendencies to ‘cluster’ in certain academic fields problematic, some say

KU requires a good chunk of time from the athletes for practice, film study, weight training and travel to games. Why wouldn’t you want professors who are flexible? As far as the athletic department keeping tabs on how the athletes are doing, that’s great! How is this a bad thing? If I were a parent, I’d be thrilled that they were monitoring my child’s classwork and keeping him on track!

Sympathetic professors aren’t necessarily cheating professors, which is the implication here. Students being directed toward majors? So, say I have an interest in acting. Would you be surprised if I went into theatre as a major? Why should you be surprised athletes are interested in communications? Many players think they are going into the NBA and then get a job with ESPN afterwards. Studies show this current generation have unrealistic ideas about how much money they are going the make. Athletes aren’t any different and they are really closer to that goal than the acting student who thinks he is going to be a big star. Are you going to redirect that student because acting isn’t practical? Whose responsibility is it to take advantage of an education?

KU’s Academic Progress Rates scores are ranked among the top 10% in their respective sports according to the most recent NCAA report.

Obviously many are concerned with our athletes being used but safe guards only go so far. It is up to each student and family to educate themselves and direct their own future.

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Statehouse Live: Tax cuts at center of dispute in Legislature

Oxymoron - I understand your sentiments but, unfortunately, the uneducated won't think this is total made-up crap. The conservative spin that has been sold to the working class plays upon their fears. They will keep on spinning it in new ways if the old ones quit working. Unfortunately, "What's The Matter With Kansas" has been out for eight years. If they wanted to know the truth, they would have by now. I don't want the state I love to crash and burn. Letting that happen just means others will try to spread this abomination to other states. I'd like us to be like Wisconsin and FIGHT!

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Speaker O'Neal apologizes for forwarding email that calls Michelle Obama "Mrs. YoMama"

Since our wrong-thinking Governor monitors all the news to quickly pounce on those that don't agree with him, I am assuming House Speaker O'Neal does the same. I want to be on record that I am extremely embarrassed that he represents Kansas in any way. Are you reading this Mr. O'Neal?

Secondly, Michelle Obama is not elected and thus not subject to ridicule by those historic political cartoons Alyson Rodee wants to defend in her boss. Whether this email was meant to be private or not it still speaks to his real feelings about minorities and is the perfect example of his true character. There is NO ATTEMPT by our elected officials to compromise and respect each other and I am sick to death of it.

I will work to elect new officials every election until we get some politicians that bring our state back to it's moderate stance that it has had historically. I'm mortified over how polarized our political climate has become.

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Charlie Weis’ search for D.C. ongoing

I always associate no name on the jersey with schools that had no money, were small and insignificant, right or wrong. This is a BCS conference school and should be dressed like it! That is why I want the names back on the jerseys. It is also helpful to the fan as you can't always catch the number on TV but with just a first or last letter you can figure it out.


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Panel slams Brownback proposal to move juvenile justice programs to SRS

Mark my words, it is some sort of move to cut into state jobs and/or put in his OWN ideas about how the family should look and operate. No good government needs to change anything unless it is malfunctioning. Since the testimony is that this system is working fine, the only other reason for this move is to achieve something the governor wants. What could that be? It certainly isn't to help Kansas citizens!

Why isn't this bozo working on creating jobs instead?

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Focus on marriage to end poverty misguided, Democratic Party leader says

I thought the Republicans were wanting government out of our lives!. How on earth is marriage Brownbeck's business? This is just a smoke screen to keep our attention on ridiculous policies like this so they can implement policies that give the rich more.

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Former Jayhawk Aaron Miles Russia-bound

This kind of gives you a statement of what has happened to the USA in a nutshell. Foreigners use to flock to the US for opportunity. Now, Americans are flocking to Europe and else where to get an opportunity. Sad state of affairs even though I am happy for our hawks.

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Former Jayhawk Royce Woolridge visits Washington St.

Well, we've sold Lacey's dad. Does he have any eligibility left?

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