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Inmates at Leavenworth Federal Prison cultivating garden and sharing their bounty with the community

This program is 100% voluntary. There is actually a waiting list over 50 people long to volunteer to work in the gardens. They did away with forced labor in the prison system a while ago. It is interesting to note here however, that the prison used to be self-sufficient. It owns over 1600 acres in which it grew crops, raised dairy cows, beef cows, pigs, chickens and raised feed crops. Not only was the food nutritious, it offered a way for inmates to engage in exercise and be of service to themselves. The diet related diseases that all Americans are facing are also effecting prisoners, and the health care costs associated with treating their illness is carried by the tax payers. Now what makes more sense; to contract with big corporations for food that has to be shipped hundreds or maybe thousands of miles or to let people grow their own food, which is healthier, cheaper and benefits society as a whole?

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