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Fire reported at Lecompton cabinet store

It's now 7:19 and more firetrucks are going towards the fire still. I am concerned about the Post Office. There is only a dirt alley between the burning building and it.

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Fire reported at Lecompton cabinet store

I live right on farmer's turnpike as you come into Lecompton and it has been one Fire Truck after another going by. I can see the black smoke from a window here. This hits close to home because this business sits at the end of the street where my house sat before it too burned down last October.

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Sebelius bans discrimination against gays in state workplace

I applaud Kathleen! It's a start atleast. Now if we can get other employers to follow suit and go public and really stand up for LGBT's!! It amazes me how the Christian Right groups and members want society to respect their beliefs, but yet they do not respect LGBT members. You do not have to accept our lifestyle, but I would ask that you would respect it. I can respect all different types of religous beliefs, but that does not mean I accept a particular one and I never go around verbally trashing it. I simply do not agree with it. But, you know what? I don't have to agree with everyone in this world. But, I do believe that my sisters and brothers, all men and women, deserve respect. Regardless of their sexual preferences, religion, race, etc..

It's a shame that bigotry is so deeply rooted and called so many things, hides behind so many organizations, and is passed on from generation to generation. Isn't it time we end it?

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Backlog makes long wait for disability benefits

I feel for those of you who whave posted and are trying to live on what disability pays you. I DO understand. My doctor has been trying to get me on disability for over a year now and it's a terrible process to go through. I already get my meds from Canada because if I were to get them here, it would cost me almost $1,000.00 a month. In Canada, I pay almost $300.00. I have seen the rude comments and discrimination made towards Americans on disability, and it saddens me. I am being forced to give up my struggle because I can no longer afford to wait. I give each of you a warm hug for hanging in there. I also say to those of you who have not walked in their shoes, please don't judge or put down what you do not understand.

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