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Brownback wants school finance case to go to mediation

How stupid! Mediation is used prior to litigaion and requires fundamental "good-faith" which is not a visable trait of either Gov Brownback or litigation. Who should expect mediation regarding any constitutional provision (law)? Only idiots. The "law" has been established and affirmed. Why mediate? Enforcement is what is needed and that is what the court is trying to do. Why does Kansas elect idiots, time-and-time-again?

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Do you think the state of Kansas should cut income taxes this year?

I see no evidence that 'trickle-down' (Laffer theory) works for the voters, but it may well work for the 1%. I learned in college economics that the best tax theory for the voters is the 'progressive tax structure.' Those who have the means should pay the greatest burden of taxes and those who cannot even make ends meet should not be required or expected to pay any taxes. Sales taxes and user taxes are the most unfair taxes and have nothing to do with ability to pay. Compassion is Wisdom and citizens must 'feed the poor, heal the sick and release the prisoners (who are not a threat to other citizens).'

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Douglas County GOP to host discussion about health care coverage

Nobody becomes "better informed" by attending any GOP function. They will charge you $20. just to tell you what they want you to believe and will never ask you for your opinion or belief unless they already know (1) who you are and (2) what you believe. It is $20 for a "spin job"!

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