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Guth's tweet puts him in middle of political firestorm

Because the NRA was the primary force behind the scrapping of the attempted revisiting of Second Amendment rights, namely the whole registration and mental health evaluation system that was included in the bill.

So yes, this does rest directly on their heads, since the shooter's doctors would have been required to report him to the system to be flagged because of the anti-psychotics that he was taking.

The frustration Mr. Guth was/is feeling is completely warranted in my opinion, however, he should have tempered it, one because he's an adult and should know to speak better, and two because he's a state employee, and thus under a tad bit more public scrutiny than I am, as an example.

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Opinion: Just asking: Is America crazy?

Try any drive-by shooting in the last 25 years when a child, not involved in any shape, form, or fashion has been killed by a stray bullet.

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Former Gov. Sebelius to attend reception to help Rep. Davis, who is considering a campaign for governor

And yet you blame a person that is not, actually, in charge of much of anything in this country, namely the President. If it wasn't for the fact that the person in the chair gets changed every few years, you could almost call the office the American Royalty Office.

Explain to me again how domestic policies, laws, foreign trade agreements, foreign policies, or basically anything else is does without the approval of Congress? A badly written law, in and off itself, is not a travesty. Several dozen elected fools making that badly written law a reality, however, tends to be.

If you replaced Obama today, and Congress did nothing to alter or scrap any policies set in motion during Obama's tenure in office, then doesn't that demonstrate how little authority the President truly has?

I'd say the same thing if Romney, Perry or any of the other fools that ran last election had won and we ended up where we are now. I'm only stating fact, not endorsing one brand of foolishness over another.

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Kansas attorney general joins NRA, 21 other states in challenge of federal handgun restriction

Old enough to die for your country but not old enough to defend your house? This is the argument that comes to mind?

High school doesn't really have a class designed to teach responsibility, maturity, or even just plain old common sense. The military, however, not only insists that you have those things, they beat it into you through all of basic training. There is a massive world of difference between someone fresh out of high school and someone fresh out of basic training. If you don't believe that, and grasp it at an intrinsic, primal level, then you have never had much interaction with the military.

I know quite a few teenagers that I wouldn't trust to operate toilet paper correctly, let alone a firearm responsibly. Just having a gun does not instill an automatic amount of patience, responsibility, or anything else needed to own, maintain, store and operate a firearm correctly.

Somehow I am not all that surprised. Disheartened, but not surprised. Let's arm the same group of people that are prone to binge drinking, hot-rodding (if that term is even used these days), and other displays of less than mature, responsible activity. I'm glad so many think binge drinking and a semi-automatic firearm is a good combination. Replace the firearm in that equation with a vehicle. Are you still comfortable with that combination?

I'm all for a mandatory two year enlistment for all citizens in the military. But then again, I'm just a warmonger.

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Opinion: Right to bear arms isn’t unlimited

Idle, silly question, but when was the last time a firearm was fully and truly banned in this nation? Last I knew, in the last 50 years, none have been outright banned, just the manufacture of new ones of those particular models, and even those laws were circumvented.

Kind of hard to know what would and would not happen if it's not allowed to happen in the first place.

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Opinion: Right to bear arms isn’t unlimited

Very true, Liberty, but unfortunately, the vast majority of people still refuse to accept the fact that ALL of the Amendments were written well over a century ago. I don't care how forward thinking a person is, there is a natural limit on what can be foreseen as a potential problem. That limit is the natural evolution of a society. Remember, when the Amendments were written, slavery was still perfectly legal.

Can you name any of the Bill of Rights, other than the Second Amendment, that is treated as sacrosanct? The other nine have been reorganized, restructured, and almost rewritten from the ground up, but, somehow, a gun is more important than anything else in this nation.

This turns my stomach to write, but so many people in this nation hoped that Westboro Baptist Church would lose some of their right to protest, and thus part of their First Amendment rights. We put things first that are the most important. More people were willing to surrender someone else's First Amendment rights than they are to accept any regulation of their own lives.

Why is a gun so holy?

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City seeking volunteers for snow shoveling program

sounds like a good use for a snow blower, if you ask me...

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Kansas to reimpose work requirement for food assistance

Yeah, but unions forcing employers to pay much higher wages than the jobs truly deserve tends to keep those types of work programs from existing.

In blunter terms, if a job requires little to no training to perform, why would you pay a union member 30 bucks an hour to do it when thousands of people would be perfectly willing to do the job for 10-12 bucks an hour? Unions guarantee nothing more than higher wages and a more difficult time removing a troublesome employee.

Case in point. Hostess.

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Lawrence city commissioners narrowly approve ban on porch couches

And their neighbors?

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Letter: Leave it alone

Better snob than slob...

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