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Kansas delegation holds position of making government funding contingent on delaying Obamacare


The Democrats approached the Republicans no fewer than 15 times to attempt a bipartisan committee workshop to hammer out the issues. The Republicans refused to sit down at the table without certain automatics guaranteed.

Defunding ACA was NEVER on that list, but no tax hikes for the upper crust was at the top of the list each and every time. If it was such a massive sticking point, why did it not come up until the last couple of weeks?

Even Fox News, a Republican stronghold, has posted a story about the benefits of ACA. This is posturing of the worst kind, and frankly I do believe it violates the oath of office each of them took on their first day. It should be grounds for a recall, and the more noise this generates, the better the chances of replacing the spoiled children we foolishly thought could act like adults.

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Delaware chief: Tribe doesn't have immediate plans for North Lawrence casino

If you don't mind me pointing this out, statistics can be a bit inflammatory.

If you have 10 robberies in City X, and after the casino is built, they have 13 in the same time span, that's a 30% increase, but only 3 actual crimes. Statistics require background information that is rarely made public, for some reason or another.

I've been to Ameristar dozens of times, for shows, food and even some gambling. I've been there for several hours at a time more than once, and I have never seen anything that required a police presence.

Am I just getting lucky, or are the percentages in statistics masking what is actually a very small number?

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Professor getting death threats over NRA tweet, colleagues support his free-speech rights

So out of idle curiosity, would you support a nationwide mental health examination requirement to be added to all firearm possession laws in this nation?

Would you be willing to submit to such an evaluation to continue your legal ownership of the firearms you currently possess?

If you answers are no, I would appreciate some expounding on your reasoning. It doesn't have to be carried out on the thread, though, if you feel uncomfortable answering publically. Feel free to send me a private message and we can discuss it there, if you are willing.

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Anthropology Department opposes leave for Guth

What would you have posted if they had called for Guth to be fired instead of making the announcement that they did? Somehow, I get the feeling that you would have a much different opinion of the Anthropology Department at KU than you are stating in your current posted message.

Why shouldn't they be allowed to voice their collective support of Guth? Honest question, with no hidden agenda. I honestly would like to know why you think that they shouldn't be allowed to voice their stance? You are obviously entitled to voice yours, proverbially speaking, but somehow they shouldn't be.

If that isn't what you intended to say, then perhaps you should have chosen your words better.

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Anthropology Department opposes leave for Guth

Which means that your employer should be allowed to use anything you post on Facebook, or any other social media site, against you in regards to you keeping your job.

Take a tour through your social media activity, if you have any that is, before you answer that question.

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Ekdahl Dining Hall namesake "Mrs. E" joins in on reopening ceremony

My grandmother spent almost 40 years in the dining halls, so growing up, I knew Mrs. E. She always snuck me a cookie or two every time I went up with my grandfather to see grandma when she had a break, as did most of the kitchen staff. If she hadn't died of cancer years ago, I'm willing to bet that grandma would have gone up to see Miss Eckdahl, as she always called her.

And George, I knew Diane and yeah, that casserole was definitely a punishment. Grandma hated having to make it, because it smelled even worse making it than it did tasting it, from what she told me.

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Professor getting death threats over NRA tweet, colleagues support his free-speech rights

My brain hurts after reading all of this.

Have you ever said something, just once, that makes the little guy in the back of your head with the bullhorn start shrieking at you about how totally stupid that was to say?

Has you ever swallowed so much of your pride that you start choking on it and say "Enough is enough!"?

I don't know this Guth fellow anymore than I likely know anyone else posting on here. Even if I did, I doubt I could read his mind and find out what the inner monologue to all of this truly is. I'm reasonably sure that no one else that has ever posted on the LJW forums can say it and be telling the truth.

Oh, and for the record, political lobbyists are NOT an ethnicity or religious group that has been subjected to malicious physical attacks. They have not been sold into physical slavery and no one has tried to ethnically cleanse the world of their taint. Stop saying that they should be afforded the same protections as religions, ethnic groups, so on and so forth.

I'm sick of the talk of guns, truth be told. No one can give me a good reason why an AKC-47 is a hunting rifle, so I give up. The only thing the designers intended that gun to be used to hunt walks on two legs. 30.06 will drop a deer basically every time, unless you are a poor shot. Let's just discuss that gun. What four legged creature does anyone hunt on a regular basis that would require that kind of firepower? If you need 30 shots to kill Bambi, you might want to take up another hobby because you apparently suck at hunting.

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Guth's tweet puts him in middle of political firestorm

So are you denying that the NRA has, very recently, spread bald faced lies concerning the issue of registering firearms, background checks, or the recent attempt to halt production of new firearms?

Shall I quote, directly, from the bill that was presented for a vote in Congress that says nothing in the least about confiscation of firearms, nor a voluntary surrender of any, simply a ban on production of any from a prescribed date forward?

I'm a tad bit bored at the moment, so if you'd like, I'll even up the ante, so to speak, and not simply quote the passages I am referring to, but I will also provide page numbers and paragraph numbers on those stated pages where my quotes originated, so they can be read in their full context.

I read the bill, front to back, multiple times before I started forming my opinion. If there had been any mention of seizure of property without cause or prosecution for owning the affected firearms, I would have emphatically been against it. There was no mention of any of that, though, in the bill as it was introduced. It was, however, said almost verbatim in multiple NRA advertisements that ran about the issue, not to mention multiple quotes from the leader of said organization, recorded for all posterity in multiple news sources, from AP News to the New York Times and everything in between.

I don't take the side of liars. I have no issue with the NRA lobbying for their interests. I do have severe issues when those lobbyists lie to my face and then pretend that it never happened, just for a little proverbial lemon juice.

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Guth's tweet puts him in middle of political firestorm

The NRA is a politically active group. Looks to me, although I admit I am nowhere close to being a Constitutional law expert, that he was challenging the ideological stance the NRA takes in matters concerning the political arena. That makes it protected speech, because it is addressing an aspect of the government, namely lobbyists, which impacts the country as a whole despite only directly benefitting a direct few, not to mention the political endorsement concept which brings in needed financial backing at election times.

Lacking in taste the Tweet might be, it is still protected speech, nonetheless.

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Guth's tweet puts him in middle of political firestorm

I feel safe in assuming that if it is not in alignment with your own ideologies, you would object...

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