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Bicycle group latest to raise access concerns about K-10/Kasold Drive intersection

What he's saying is, that is an intersection, to be legally used by cars and bicycles. If no improvements are made, the cyclists will continue to brave the gauntlet to legally cross the intersection.

I usually do my crossing at the 27th street intersection, but I promise you, if there were a safer place to cross K10, I would use it. Though I may miss the sound of cars flooring it to beat the yellow light..

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Psychiatric consensus: Kansas lawmaker's claim that transgender people are 'insane' is false, misguided

When you're delusional with skygods, everything else seems crazy.

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Kansas lawmakers in their own words: from 'dropping little turds' to 'a terrible mistake'

If you keep kids uneducated, they'll believe any stupid thing you tell them. Things like schools, internet, and freethinking are killing old dumb beliefs.

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Letter to the editor: City sidewalks

I fully agree. Placement of sidewalks is not up to the property owner, but they are required to clear and maintain them. I see sidewalks as miniature streets; everyone can use them, and citizens should expect them to be in usable condition. Many drivers want bicycles to get off the streets and onto the sidewalks; well I can tell you, that's not at all feasible in most locations, either because there is no sidewalk, or because the existing walk is in complete disrepair. Sidewalks are infrastructure, and the cost of building/maintaining them should be included in the cost of any roadwork. City builds a new road, build a new sidewalk; repaving the road, better look at the corresponding sidewalks. I fully understand that this costs taxpayer dollars, but these are a community asset, and we should treat them as more than just a 3rd rate means of transportation.

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Kansas River above flood stage after storms; Topeka pump station dumps untreated wastewater

Darin, a couple points about your argument.. using the word "retards" to describe anyone, isn't going to help your case. Also, there's an incredible new invention, called punctuation; it makes your diatribe readable.

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At least 2 injured after car crashes through downtown Lawrence storefront

About 2-3 times per week, I will see a car waiting in the turning lane, and as soon as the light turns green, they gun it to turn ahead of oncoming traffic. I don't know that this is what happened here, but it happens a lot. seriously people, the left turn lane is the very last person who gets to go through the intersection.

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Police: US Marshals Service officer shoots, kills fugitive in Topeka

"..who was white".. well thank goodness the police are expanding their range.

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Arizona man who texted officer with drug plans pleads guilty

Kinda sucks that they can just assume ownership of her personal items and then commit fraud to entrap her boyfriend. yes, yes, I know, he was being stupid, but this police state mess has gone too far. Careful what you do or say, the man is always watching.

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Cruz scores decisive victory in Kansas caucuses

I told my girlfriend, this morning, that I had a little less disdain for the people around me today.

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Kobach endorses Trump for president

Well it's true.. they are.

edit: Did my comment get removed because of the word prick?

Prick: noun
1.a puncture made by a needle, thorn, or the like.
2.a sharp point; prickle.
3.the act of pricking: the prick of a needle.
4.the state or sensation of being pricked.
5.a sharp pain caused by or as if by being pricked; twinge.
6.the pointed end of a prickspur.

These men are extremely painful to humanity, thus they are pricks.

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