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Proposed Kansas bill would allow stronger spanking

WTF.. I don't think that it's a lack of violence that's the problem.. Just because your kid demands your attention, doesn't mean they need you to physically abuse them. How about any lawmaker who approves of this idea, should be given 10 lashes, hard enough to leave a bruise; Ms. Finney should take hers first.

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Kansas House approves allowing businesses to deny service to same-sex couples

Why do we need to keep electing people under false pretenses? Why don't these politicians grow some spines, say what they mean, do what they say, and we can all get on with living a more realistic life. The era of old-time religious ideology is fading fast; I'd rather vote for someone with some cajones, than one who panders to insanity.

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Proposed bill would abolish no-fault divorce in Kansas

Marriage should be harder to get into and easier to get out of. We don't need any more bible-wielding nut-jobs, trying to instill their religious obligations on the rest of us.

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Opposing sides clash in debate over 'religion freedoms' bill

So we can just make up an invisible friend, and then pretend that it doesn't like certain groups of people, and go around spouting ignorance and hatred? "no, sorry, my ridiculous ideology, won't allow me to hire you, because I think what you do is icky" America... dumber by the day.

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Kobach urges passage of bill that would exclude Lesser Prairie Chicken from federal protection

How does the Secretary feel about marijuana law reform at the state level? The only thing in the constitution regarding cannabis or hemp, is the paper it was written on.

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Railway construction will disrupt traffic along Sixth Street downtown through Wednesday

nope, that one's no good. I needed one before that one to alert me to that one.

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Railway construction will disrupt traffic along Sixth Street downtown through Wednesday

You know when this would have made a great story? Friday.. That way, this morning's insanity could have been avoided..

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Journal-World websites to require commenters to identify themselves

America's freedom of speech is a lot like a dying pet. Watching it fade is horrific, and painful; the pain only increases when they're finally gone; but one day, it will only be a memory, where we'll hopefully find a way to smile about the good ole days.

I know, I know, there's no guarantee to freedom of speech on a private website; this I understand. But it does underline our current rights issues in this nation.

-Stuart Evans (AreUNorml)

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Obamacare enrollment slow in Lawrence thus far

Picture this: A country that doesn't force it's citizens to purchase a product from a private corporation that exists only to make a profit.

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City to craft statement saying it doesn't have plans to use drones

Is it really paranoia when the government is using unmanned drones all around the world to spy on and kill people? It used to be a conspiracy that the government could see and hear everything you did, but now we find out it's completely true. Why do you people trust politicians so much with your right to be left alone?

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