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Sidewalk inspections to start in preparation for repair policy proposal

And let's not forget the major throroughfare that is Ousdahl between 24th and 26th street. This is one of the most highly traveled shortcut roads in the city. It is curvy and narrow, and doesn't have a sidewalk on either side of the street. This is a lower income neighborhood, and many of the residents walk or ride a bike. You can either take your chances in the street, or try to walk through the yards, though shrubbery, uneven terrain, and parked cars tend to make up that landscape. I invite the city managers to walk down that street nearly any time of day.

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Sidewalk inspections to start in preparation for repair policy proposal

Lawrence is exactly like every other city in the country. The real reason your city has no money.

TL:DR, The city overbuilds infrastructure hoping to attract tax dollars. It never works.

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Knife pulled during argument at Holcom Recreation Center, police say; one man arrested

That neighborhood is overrun with some pretty terrible children, but you probably shouldn't pull a knife on them.

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Kansas agrees to outsource IT to Illinois company

I think you're forgetting the importance of Christ in their lives. This is how they're able to feel superior without actually being decent people.

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Kobach, without evidence, supports Trump's false claim of 'millions' of illegal votes

I thought he only came up with two..

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Kobach, Trump and the ‘Clash of Civilizations’

This is the sad reality that we're all living with. Banks and corporations have lobbied government officials to provide economic stimulus for their organizations. This includes everything from tax loopholes to military security and use of force. These aren't secrets or conspiracy, this is business as usual, and excruciatingly obvious.

I am going to have a sad 4 to 8 years, just as I've had a sad previous 8, 16, 24... They're all the same, these presidential corporate puppets just really bring me down. Trump is not going to change the way business is done in Washington, he's got us all distracted with grabbing p***y, and emboldening those who are under-educated (we can thank corporate America for that one too, dumb people tend to work harder for less)

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Kobach, Trump and the ‘Clash of Civilizations’

Corporate America has used up the resources of those countries, and are now doing the same to our own. Both the right and the left are playing us for fools, as they rifle through our pockets for our last dollar, and tell us that it's the illegals and terrorists.

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Man who murdered abortion provider gets more lenient sentence

Sounds like he's a typical right-wing nut, who doesn't understand science, yet will defend a cluster of cells, right up until it's born. At that point the level of give a damn is exponentially diminished by their skin tone, religious upbringing, or assumed criminal behavior.
At some point, "every life is precious" becomes, "an eye for an eye", or "just bomb everyone in country X back to the stone age".

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Kobach photo with Trump may offer hints on immigration policy

Republican Agenda right there on the front page. Muslims, Syrians, Mexicans, and Kobach's pet project, election fraud.

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