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Under scrutiny for Koch connection, KU director sues over records; judge blocks release

I think the Koch's and I may have a differing opinion of what it means to be Libertarian.

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WOW to increase many cable bills by more than $15 a month; Eudora bests Lawrence in young families ranking

I don't watch sports.. at all. I don't even want the 20 channels that are dedicated to sports. All told, I could get by with about 5 channels. How about an a la carte selection? You charge me $5 per channel I subscribe to, and we'll call it good.

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Kansas to set up seismic monitoring system

Or Sam could ask the Koch Brothers to pay for them as part of the fracking deals.

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New revenue numbers show $715 million shortfall through 2016

This can't be correct.. by my calculations, this would make the governor a lying politician. Let's just hope that type of slickery doesn't also overtake the good Pat Roberts' office.

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News on Buffalo Wild Wings opening date on south Iowa, closing date in downtown; Lawrence gets a peek at how other cities maintain sidewalks

I've never understood the idea behind having the property owner pay for a right of way easement that they have zero control over. We don't ask homeowners to pay for new power poles or sewer/water lines which run through their property. The sidewalks are necessary for all pedestrians (and bicyclists if you ask motorists), and while they may benefit the homeowner from time to time, most traffic on that piece of concrete is coming from someone other than the homeowner. Further, when you leave the repair up to individuals, you're going to get a patchwork of terrible sidewalk conditions, just like we have now. How about for every street we build, we ensure that there are new sidewalks as part of the cost; and we then also include, as part of the cost, a maintenance savings account which will provide for future necessary repairs, 10-20 years down the road. The price of our roads(and sidewalks) goes up now, but in the long run, the repair costs will already be covered.

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Lawrence police chief urges residents to see facilities with their own eyes

I went by one of the facilities and saw a ridiculous war machine taking up too much space. Maybe we can get rid of that..

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Inmate sues Kansas jail over religious rights

I feel that nobody should have to bend their way of doing anything, to satisfy the religious needs of an individual. If they serve dinner at a certain time, and you've promised yourself to not eat at that time, it's nobody's responsibility but your own, to weigh the option of eating. And this goes for every other religious ideology; it's your belief system, why should I have to participate at all?

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New tax increase proposals for police HQ; $30K funding request for downtown mural; 900-unit apartment complex up for review; Family Dollar to close

I just don't want to pay more tax money for more economy enforcement officers. How about we trim some ridiculous laws from the books, and make due with what we have. Can we sell that monstrosity of a war machine we just picked up?

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Woman airlifted from car accident in south Lawrence

that intersection kills me. this is about the only place on the mixed path that has a stop sign for pedestrians, and a yield sign for Sawgrass. Not that anyone actually yields there, or at least until they've completely run through the crosswalk (I guess that's why pedestrians have the stop sign..)

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Police: Man killed in shooting at East 13th and Maple Lane during Mother's Day cookout

I believe that most of the recent homicides have been perpetrated by something other than guns. Do we need to do something about the kitchen knife problem in this community as well?

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