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Letter: Sinful lifestyle

it would be great, if people didn't spend vast amounts of time, money and energy, trying to legislate their delusions.

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Letter: Sinful lifestyle

I would think that if there were gods, and they really didn't like homosexual behavior, then they would do something to stop homosexuality (in every species). But gods don't do anything to stop it; unless you count the nuts who find a public forum, from which to tell us how wrong it is. These gods that people have conjured up, sure are powerful on paper, but when you hold them to any sort of scrutiny, they fold like a house of cards, and their fan base explodes in anger and hatred, lost in their argument, by opposing viewpoints.

I don't believe in your magic stories, so don't expect me to care about your reasons for being a hateful bigot.

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Kansas tea party group renews push for anti-gay bill

I know a lot of atheists; and not a one of them is interested in the Tea Party; it is a christian right-wing organization; most people who have figured out that there are no gods, have also figured out what the Tea Party is all about.

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Proposed Kansas bill would allow stronger spanking

I too was spanked as a kid. Usually it was with a belt, spread eagle against grandmas car in the garage. sometimes I'd get one of those sessions because of a mid-term report card, or sometimes it was just because my mouth was a little smarter than my dad could handle. At any rate, it left me resentful towards him, and fearful of authority; and it made me question the rationale behind many of the things he tried to teach me.

And as far as school shootings go; my low self esteem, and bullied mentality, had me seriously exploring the idea of taking a gun to school; that was 25 years ago. Bullying often starts at home.

I vowed to never beat my child into submission. Why should she fear the person that she looks up to for support and guidance? Home is where a child should feel safe from violence, not have to tiptoe around it.

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Debate over religious beliefs, gay rights will continue

it's because people like Ted, think that being gay is a choice. That means that at some point, people like Ted must have had to actually think about whether he liked girls or boys. What'd you choose, Ted?

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Proposed Kansas bill would allow stronger spanking

WTF.. I don't think that it's a lack of violence that's the problem.. Just because your kid demands your attention, doesn't mean they need you to physically abuse them. How about any lawmaker who approves of this idea, should be given 10 lashes, hard enough to leave a bruise; Ms. Finney should take hers first.

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Kansas House approves allowing businesses to deny service to same-sex couples

Why do we need to keep electing people under false pretenses? Why don't these politicians grow some spines, say what they mean, do what they say, and we can all get on with living a more realistic life. The era of old-time religious ideology is fading fast; I'd rather vote for someone with some cajones, than one who panders to insanity.

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Proposed bill would abolish no-fault divorce in Kansas

Marriage should be harder to get into and easier to get out of. We don't need any more bible-wielding nut-jobs, trying to instill their religious obligations on the rest of us.

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Opposing sides clash in debate over 'religion freedoms' bill

So we can just make up an invisible friend, and then pretend that it doesn't like certain groups of people, and go around spouting ignorance and hatred? "no, sorry, my ridiculous ideology, won't allow me to hire you, because I think what you do is icky" America... dumber by the day.

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Kobach urges passage of bill that would exclude Lesser Prairie Chicken from federal protection

How does the Secretary feel about marijuana law reform at the state level? The only thing in the constitution regarding cannabis or hemp, is the paper it was written on.

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