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Royals fans tear down goal post at KU's Memorial Stadium

Wooooo!!! we're not even on the team, or from there, but wooooooooo!! also, let me break a few things to show how happy I am!!.... W T F people.

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Man in Kansas voter fraud case says charge surprised him

This is ridiculous. Mr. Kobach, you've wasted how much time and money to bring out three whole cases, that amount to mere confusion.. Just STOP... stop with your BS.. everyone in this state thinks Brownback stole the election, and you're going after individuals for voting in two states... they must have voted democrat.

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Kobach defends Kansas voting laws at KU symposium

Finally, Kobach is going to put himself and Brownback on trial for election fraud.

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Police investigating business break-ins in south Lawrence

The cake is a lie, indeed.

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Police stop two groups of men carrying unconscious women to fraternity homes; call ambulances for alcohol poisoning

Ms Foley's story is indicative of the fear society we live in. Everyone is a threat; we must be ever-vigilant; demand security constantly. and oh yeah, self-importance.

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Police stop two groups of men carrying unconscious women to fraternity homes; call ambulances for alcohol poisoning

If we need to have enough cops on duty to walk every scared little girl home, we're going to need a lot more money in this community. I think lesson learned; don't be out, alone in that neighborhood, at whatever hour it was, because it makes her feel unsafe.

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Kobach's office acknowledges hosting Bible sessions but says worker was not fired for failing to attend

No.. you may not use a state-owned office to host your little imagination party. It gives the appearance that it is sanctioned by the state, and generally makes those who do not conform to feel ostracized.

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KDOT planning SLT changes, but funding is far off

I think their redesign of K-10/27th street are necessary, but long before they get around to that, they need to consider a pedestrian bridge. We have miles and miles of wonderful trails, then suddenly dump people out into some of the most dangerous intersections in town. Both, the intersection at the sports fields, as well as the future crossing at Iowa Street, are deadly accidents waiting to happen again.

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Another national chicken chain files plans for south Iowa Street; shopping center near 25th and Iowa to undergo major renovations

While I'm all for a Popeyes, and redevelopment of the neighborhood, the intersection of 26th and Iowa is already a HUGE pain to cross or turn from, almost every moment of the day. I hope they'll heavily consider this while drawing up plans, and route that exiting traffic accordingly.

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Disrepair of Lawrence’s sidewalks concerns pedestrian-bicycle task force

I think that sidewalks and repair should be included in the roadwork budget. sidewalks are for transportation of citizens, and the sidewalks should be uniform and well maintained. If we leave it to the landowner, we're going to have a patchwork of sidewalks (like we do now) that don't join up correctly, aren't wide enough, aren't strong enough, etc. This is an infrastructure, and is to be provided as part of the government services. Every road built, should have a sidewalk attached, and the upkeep of both should be included in the initial cost.

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