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Topeka man, 36, accused of pistol-whipping girlfriend in Lawrence

"protective bunkers", "tactical equipment"... searching for the correct term? Try armored military assault vehicle.

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Kansas regulation of massage industry might help prevent sex crimes, some leaders say

What if we also tried regulating prostitution, so that you could go to a licensed facility to get a happy ending; everyone knows that's what they're there for, and everyone's passed their material handling safety course. That way, we kill a few birds with the same stone.

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Kansas lawmakers poised to consider fantasy sports measure

clearly they'll need to find a way to tax it, one way or another. if it's a lottery, the state will want to host it, and take a cut. If it requires skill, then it's a job, and the state will want to take a cut.

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See if your neighborhood is included in $130K worth of sidewalk repairs; meeting about fantasy city government set; city to seek budget comments tonight

Finally some work on the sidewalks! Also, that pedestrian beacon on 31st street will be a very welcome site; while there is a crosswalk further north along Kasold, it's hard to get traffic to always stop. The next viable crosswalk is at Target/Goodwill.

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National Bike to School Day coming May 6

bike to school in this town, are they nuts? The streets are dangerous; the sidewalks are in terrible condition or non-existent. But sure kids, get out there and pedal for health.

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Uber expands service to Lawrence, other Kansas cities

"This is a new industry, and we need to not do things that discourage growth in new industries by over-regulating them before we understand them."

I feel the same way, regarding cannabis sales to adults. The current state of our laws is certainly inhibiting industry growth.

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Overland Park approves 165-mile bicycle network

Lawrence could use a major bicycle and pedestrian path improvement plan. Bicycles are not welcome on the roads or sidewalks; not that either of those are ideal; the edges and gutters of our streets are strewn with potholes; the sidewalks are in disrepair or non-existent. Dedicated pathways, and riding lanes are necessary.

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High court to hear Kansas plea to reinstate death sentences

"all life is sacred"... however, after they're born, their sacred value seems to diminish with age, race, gender, sexuality, lifestyle choices, and economic stability.

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