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Genesis takes over operations of Lawrence Athletic Club; $4 million remodel on tap

you work out there? you mean you work there? you seem very adamant and biased, especially since you are constantly "correcting" people multiple times in one day, you also seem to know a hell of a lot about opinion is totally unbiased, i have many years of lifting experience and that's my opinion of genesis' equipment, not saying i wouldn't use it, i just hate when they say brand new as if it's state of the art, it's's brand new, yes, but it's lower grade, just my opinion, sorry if that rubs you the wrong way

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Flory dairy farm selling equipment, taking on different work after 60 years

great family indeed, very well known name in the county...randy will even pull you out with his tractor or truck when you, or your friends for that matter, get stuck ha...they also won't make fun of you TOO much when you ask them why the cows are wearing earrings, come to find out they were ID tags...i guess i was only 5 or's unfortunate they can't compete with the larger operations, seems like everything is headed that way these days...

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Floyd Mayweather controversially KO’s Victor Ortiz

That was 100% cheap on Mayweathers side. Yeah it wasn't very sportsman like to head butt Mayweather but Ortiz simply lost control of his emotions in the heat of the moment, he was deducted a point rightfully so and that should have been that, when he apologized you could tell his apology was genuine and he knew he was wrong, it's not like he bit his ear off or knocked him out when he wasn't aware the fight had resumed, that head butt did not have any affect on the outcome.

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Sunflower Broadband experiences outage

All in all Sunflower does a good job...A few years ago, I definitely might have been influenced by alcohol, I sent an email to Sunflower in as much of a professional manner as I could considering the circumstances, complaining about the cable that was in bad shape...Within about 6-8 hours I had a reply and later that day my cable was completely fixed...I then realized their service is great especially when I sent them an unpleasant email to begin with...All services have issues every now and then, fortunately Sunflower has good customer service...Now when the service is out and you are still getting charged i'm not really sure where I stand on that issue...

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If this is the end, how will Mangino be remembered?

Mangino took an absolute terrible football program and completely turned it around...I almost feel like with the recent turmoil that we as fans have betrayed him, yes he can be a little rough sometimes but that's football, plain and simple, 30 years ago this would be considered a joke...Remember this is the same coach that led KU to a 12-1 season, not to mention an Orange Bowl, we all loved him then and personally that is what I will remember him for...I think it's too bad it turned out like this and I hope the best for Mangino

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