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What did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be: (in chronological order)
a horse trainer, a writer, an architect, a writer again, a film director, a sports medicine person, a ballet company artistic director, environmentalist, a corps de ballet girl, a director at a nonprofit.

And then... I graduated from college. And then I lost my dream job.

And then I had to get practical, or Sallie Mae would've come after me.

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100 years ago: Lawrence man jailed after suspicious house fire

"This soiled dove had wings!"

This observation is posted without any permission whatsoever from the uppity friend who posted it on my Facebook wall.


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Being a Stripper: 10 Things I've Learned So Far

Re-read her comment.

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Do you wear sunscreen when you go outside?

Every day since I was 19.

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100 years ago: Newspaper ads tout steamship tickets, health supplements, new suits

Heh. :)

Re: below: I support this liberation.

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Abortion providers worried that new state rules will violate patient privacy

Birth control and anything else patients purchase from *any* institution are no one else's business.

These restrictions seem manipulative and unnecessary.

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Monday's top stories and my last week at

Good luck! :)

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If you could study abroad anywhere, where would you go and why?

Study abroad was an amazing experience I'm glad I took advantage of--in high school and in college.

Would love to go to South Asia for econ if I could sign up one more time, or to China for public health, or to any west African francophone country to become fluent en français.

Honestly, I'd go anywhere for a good opportunity.

The world is an excellent place.

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