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Larned Correctional to become medium-security prison

The original headline was wrong. This has nothing to do with Larned State Hospital. This is a Department of Corrections facility. Individuals being cared for at Larned State Hospital are patients, not inmates.

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Editorial: Expand Medicaid now

One more thing: There are currently about 4,600 individuals with disabilities waiting for services under Kansas' Medicaid home- and community-base service waivers. Let's talk about priorities: To advocate expanding Medicaid to the able-bodied before addressing the needs of the most vulnerable Kansans does not accurately reflect the values of most Kansans. Angela de Rocha

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Editorial: Expand Medicaid now

Couple of things: if Kansas follows the pattern of the other states that have expanded Medicaid, the number of additional consumers covered would be about 300,000, not 150,000. (There are currently 430,000 people on Medicaid in Kansas at this time.) So Kansas' portion of the state/federal share would go up significantly more than this editorial states. The additional cost to the State would be about $1 billion over three years at a minimum, the federal match rate notwithstanding.
In addition, the effect of expansion on hospitals in the state has not been accurately depicted. The first full year, all hospitals in the state would receive an estimated additional $250 million. Of that sum, the top two hospitals in the state would receive $63 million; the next seven hospitals would split $62 million; all other non-critical access hospitals would split $106 million and the critical access hospitals, our most vulnerable, would be left with $19 million among them.
Angela de Rocha, KDADS

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Editorial: More needed

Kansas applied to the federal CMS for recertification of Osawatomie State Hospital last Thursday.
Angela de Rocha, KDADS

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Editorial: Stopgap steps

Sorry Chris, did not mean to offend you by identifying with KDADS. "My agency" is the specific one I work for, as opposed to all the other agencies in state government. I did not know that phrases such as "my family" or "my club" were so offensive. Live and learn.

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Editorial: Stopgap steps

If you are the same Paul Beyer who has been sending me the highly offensive emails, I would like you to stop it.

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Editorial: Stopgap steps

Most of what is written in this editorial is inaccurate and misleading. No one contacted me for information. Next time the LJW decides to write an editorial about one of my agency's institutions or programs, it would be helpful (and enlightening) if the paper made an effort to obtain some factual information first. This is a disservice to your readers.
Angela de Rocha, Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services

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Kansas to move more than 100 psychiatric hospital patients

This headline is inaccurate. Kansas is going to move prison inmates who require mental health treatment, not hospital patients. About 60 inmates will move from one facility on the Larned State Hospital campus, the hospital forensic unit, to another facility on the campus, the Larned Correctional Mental Health Unit. They will be housed in a different facility on the same campus and continue to receive the treatment they need.
Angela de Rocha, Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services

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Editorial: Local control

Clarification: Kansas Mental Health funding history is misstated in this article. These are the numbers:
FY 2013 $382,615,790
FY 2014 $387,805,034
FY 2015 $385,683,904
FY 2016 $411,206,475
FY 2017 $433,627,695 (Proposed)
Angela de Rocha, Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services

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Editorial: Time for action

Clarification: Delaying the opening of part of the Meyer Building at Larned State Hospital for the Sexual Predator Treatment Program (SPTP) is unrelated to the issue of state hospital capacity for the adult continuum of care. It will have no impact on the availability of adult psychiatric beds. The SPTP is separate from the psychiatric treatment units at Larned.
Angela de Rocha, Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services

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