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Editorial: More needed

Kansas applied to the federal CMS for recertification of Osawatomie State Hospital last Thursday.
Angela de Rocha, KDADS

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Editorial: Stopgap steps

Sorry Chris, did not mean to offend you by identifying with KDADS. "My agency" is the specific one I work for, as opposed to all the other agencies in state government. I did not know that phrases such as "my family" or "my club" were so offensive. Live and learn.

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Editorial: Stopgap steps

If you are the same Paul Beyer who has been sending me the highly offensive emails, I would like you to stop it.

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Editorial: Stopgap steps

Most of what is written in this editorial is inaccurate and misleading. No one contacted me for information. Next time the LJW decides to write an editorial about one of my agency's institutions or programs, it would be helpful (and enlightening) if the paper made an effort to obtain some factual information first. This is a disservice to your readers.
Angela de Rocha, Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services

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Kansas to move more than 100 psychiatric hospital patients

This headline is inaccurate. Kansas is going to move prison inmates who require mental health treatment, not hospital patients. About 60 inmates will move from one facility on the Larned State Hospital campus, the hospital forensic unit, to another facility on the campus, the Larned Correctional Mental Health Unit. They will be housed in a different facility on the same campus and continue to receive the treatment they need.
Angela de Rocha, Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services

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Editorial: Local control

Clarification: Kansas Mental Health funding history is misstated in this article. These are the numbers:
FY 2013 $382,615,790
FY 2014 $387,805,034
FY 2015 $385,683,904
FY 2016 $411,206,475
FY 2017 $433,627,695 (Proposed)
Angela de Rocha, Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services

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Editorial: Time for action

Clarification: Delaying the opening of part of the Meyer Building at Larned State Hospital for the Sexual Predator Treatment Program (SPTP) is unrelated to the issue of state hospital capacity for the adult continuum of care. It will have no impact on the availability of adult psychiatric beds. The SPTP is separate from the psychiatric treatment units at Larned.
Angela de Rocha, Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services

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Kansas governor plans $63M in budget changes

Mr. Freeman, KDADS is not reducing anyone's services. KDADS believes it has adequate resources to offer services this fiscal year to ALL individuals currently on the PD waiver waiting list without the additional funding. By the end of November the agency believes it will have reached its target enrollment of 6,100 for the PD waiver and the waiting list will have been eliminated. The time that individuals are on the PD waiting list has been reduced to less than a year. When the process began three years ago, five-year long waits were not uncommon.
Angela de Rocha, Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services

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Editorial: Bad to worse

Your interpretation of the staffing levels at Osawatomie State Hospital is not accurate. Staffing levels there are based on a census of 206 or higher, when actually the census now is down in the low 140s and likely to stay that way until the renovations are complete. The former employee’s story you cite reflects a past situation when there were 250 or so patients at the hospital. Both hospitals are staffed at levels that allow us to provide appropriate patient care.
Angela de Rocha, Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services

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Kansas AG asks federal court to strike down labor rules for home health workers

A clarification: The workers who are at issue in this court case are not "health care workers." These are direct service workers who provide companionship and assist the elderly or individuals with disabilities with meal preparation, laundry and other household tasks. They do not provide medical care, nor are they trained to do so. Many provide sleep support, that is, they spend the night in the individual's home so if help is needed, someone is there to assist with going to the toilet and other actions the consumer cannot perform unassisted. Many of these workers ARE the friends and family of the individuals who need assistance to continue to live in their homes and communities. The individuals, whose care is referred to as "self-directed," choose those who come into their homes to assist them. The state does not assign the workers unless the individual asks the state to do so, in which case the workers are not subject to the existing exemption because they would be direct employees of the state. Direct service workers' hours are carefully monitored through KS AuthentiCare, a state-wide electronic visit verification system for home-based services that has been endorsed as a Promising Practice by the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).
Angela de Rocha, Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services

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