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Local United Way still $700,000 short of campaign fundraising goal

There is a difference between giving money directly to an agency and giving to UW. When you give money to an agency, you are saying, "I approve of what this agency is doing and how they are doing it. Keep up the good work! Don't change a thing." When you give money to UW you are saying "I agree there are these three important unmet needs in my community and I would like to encourage local agencies to work together to try and find new ways of meeting those needs."

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Adding agencies

Consumer1- I am not sure how to address your concerns. First the city doesn't fund any food pantry operations, so any savings that might be garnered by consolidation would not be felt in the city budget. This obviously doesn't mean approaching them for assistance is a bad idea, it just makes it a harder sell. We do meet with city representatives to discuss funding, community needs, programs, etc. The perspective that I would present to you is that food is easier to come by then a dollar, thus city funds are usually used for what are seen as greater needs or harder to solve problems, like homelessness for example. Additionally Salvation Army has been actively trying to relocate and build a new facility for several years, their mission is already traditionally supported by the city, and they are still working towards that goal. It just not as simple as going to the city and asking for money for a new facility.

Secondly, I agree with you that there is significant potential for abuse and waste in the current system of large numbers of independently operating food pantries serving the same population. I don't understand where you get a sense that there is a food pantry power struggle going on. We don't compete for food donations and have freely traded food items among ourselves during shortages or overstock. Do we use the local media to bring focus to issues that effect our community? Sure we do. Do we need media exposure to keep from closing our doors? No. And the last time I checked everyone had equal access to the free press in this town. In fact most articles in the LJ-World include info and quotes from several pantries.

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Adding agencies

Actually speaking for Ballard Center and Penn House, our food pantries are not tied to any funding streams. As an agency we do not receive outside funding to operate them and staff salaries are not supported by their operation. The food available in our two pantries is collected entirely through food drives and private donations of food items. Volunteers and C-tran workers from the school district stock the pantries. We operate the pantries as part of our mission. It doesn't have anything to do with keeping jobs, positions, funding or power.

Also it is incorrect to call Just Food a new agency, it is actually a collaborative effort of the churches and agencies involved to increase their food supply and purchasing power, it is not a seperate entity, it has no staff, no facilities, and any funds they raise are held by ECKAN until they are spent as agreed by the member pantries. It is a grass-roots volunteer effort, and is successful at what they are trying to do. But they are not taking steps to consolidate food distribution, only in cooperating to increase the food supply available to the four member pantries for distribution from the four locations.

It is incorrect to assume that because we are not involved in Just Food that we are not interested in consolidation of food security programs in Douglas County. We are in fact working towards that goal. I also agree with the origional writer that we have a very caring community that tries to meets the needs of our neighbors, and I commend those who work to address hunger and poverty in our community, including the good people involved in Just Food.

The largest reason that no single agency provides a central location is that the location does not exist. If anyone out there would be interested in donating a centrally located warehouse with loading docks, small office space, and a little bit of off street parking, that is ADA complient; then please contact me as I would be very interested in talking to you.

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Future WRAP program funds in doubt

Maybe we should look at adding a direct instruction component to WRAP so the District can use those at-risk dollars.

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