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Two new faces in City Hall

I think everyone can agree that no one wants to see Lawrence's charm and uniqueness go away--that's part of the reason we all live here. Why does development mean the other has to go away? My family still loves just going down to Mass to walk around even though we live on the "west side", in fact we make a point to do it, but I think something is definitely broken in the local economy and a different approach needs to be taken. There's a happy medium that can be met (i.e. build the Walmart not at the corner of Wak & 6th, but a few miles down the road by the K-10 interchange where it won't create nearly the amount of traffic problems, but it's still convenient.)

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Voters split on stadium upgrades

Does anybody else think that if that kind of money is going to be spent it should be spent on something like increased teacher salaries and repairs to schools, or better roads--something that will really make a difference. I understand that the stadiums and teams have a big economic impact to Kansas City, but will the increased revenue that will supposedly be brought in sometime in the future from having better facilities (and maybe a rolling roof) really be invested back in the community where it's needed or will it end up in a professional athlete's already fatly lined pockets? Just a thought.

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