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Brownback's budget office recommends funding cut to higher education

My understanding is that certain programs at KU, including several grad programs, are still some of the top in North America. The pharmaceutical chemistry program and the Speech Pathology program come to mind--both are nationally renowned.

More to the point...I'm not sure how competitive KU is in terms of graduate funding. I was admitted both to KU and to a Canadian university for graduate school, and had to pick the Canadian school because it would have actually been cheaper for me in the long term--not to mention a better program. Cutting higher ed funding is going to cost the state a lot of high-achieving young people over the course of the next decade or so, as its schools will cease to attract students from out of state and fail to retain native Kansans. Still, if it has to be this or elementary and secondary ed, I'd rather they cut higher ed--at least if we give our high school students a leg up, they'll be able to escape to states with more legitimate higher ed institutions than what ours will inevitably become.

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