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Rec center support

The initial plan was to build a long needed West side rec center. If you'll look on the city map you'll see that there is no rec center anywhere west of Holocom park. So less than half of the city is covered by three rec centers , and the west side has none, so if teens want a place indoor to play basketball, they don't have one, gym cost nothing to the east side but is not available (only from private businesses) for the west and north side.
So these funds were suppose to go there, this has turned into much larger project which frankly I'm not sure will serve the kids as it will not be inside the neighborhoods but this is where the money came from

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We used Ernie as our agent buying a house. We agreed on the terms in advance and signed a contract. Hiwever once we got closer, he started saying that we should pay him more. And once we said we will stick to our agreement he became very rude and unprofessional. In fact the seller agent helped us more than he did. If they had zero this is what he would have get. I do not reccomend doing business with him.

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When was the last time you used the Lawrence city transit system?

I would love to ride the bus. In fact the kids would love it even more. I had in various occasions to use taxi service as the service only get as west as Wakarusa...guess what the city have grown

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KU athletics department showing interest in west Lawrence recreation center

Maybe like with the public schools where the only schools that left with part time kindergarten are in the west (they probably were under the impression that the "rich" west can pay for the extra time). In this case as well they'll make the west side residents pay what the east side don't?
The city need to ensure that the public interest is not harmed

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Town Talk: Dillons still working on new design for South Mass store; speed cushions coming to streets near KU; seat belt fine to drop from $100 to $10

What about the pavement done on 6th st and on Bob Billings? they are being completly re-paved

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KCK abortion clinic denied state license


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Kansas' quick implementation of new abortion rules may force clinics to shut down

It is amazing how Republicans say they want small goverment and not having the goverment involve in their daily life. But once it is related to women it is fine to abuse resources and take the most basic rights

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Support Israel

Israel is freaking out not because the of Mubarac but rather because of uncertainty. When a country several times your size which you share boarder with becomes unstable, it is scary. When that country have internal forces that may come to control it that call for your destruction. It is something to fear from.
Israel doesn’t have the luxury to worry about democracy or not democracy in other countries, when it needs to fight for its life.

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Support Israel

So the only difference is that Israel never tried to occupy any of the other established countries or to kill its civilian population while the arab countries attack Israel with the mere intention to kill ever men women and child and destroy the Jewish country. I would think that alone would make all the difference in the world.
What about the fact that Israel accept the 48 UN resolution of small torn apart country and immediately attacked by multiple countries all with huge armies?
What about the 73 war? When Israel got attacked 6 different armies? Then Israel was violent as well?
I want to see how you behave when an army would stand not on the US boarders but rather on Lawrence entrance

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Israel interests

How can you compare two miltant (terrorist) bodies to two parties in a democratic country?

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