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Best of Lawrence 2013: The Results

I've heard nothing but HORRIBLE things about First Management, so much so that I made a point of avoiding any of their listings when I was recently in the market for a new place. I've heard lousy things about Tuckaway as well. Seems like the biggest/richest people came out on top here, which isn't the same as the "best."

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Lawrence ranked second-worst-performing small metro area, according to new national economic index

"I love the way all these commenters whine and complain but stay here anyway."

If you think it's bad here, you probably haven't been to Topeka.

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Democrats criticize Brownback over comments made in national radio address

"But Brownback has never cared about facts. People of Kansas need to call him on this & elect someone else in 2014."

Like WHO, though? That's what bothers me- I doubt there's a formidable enough opponent out there.

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DUI bill that would allow stiffer charges passes in Kansas Legislature

I've never heard of such a thing, but if they do want to make things a little harder for the drunk driver then that's fine by me. People who have such an irresponsible disregard for the safety of others SHOULD have it hard.

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I recently asked my husband to make a quick run to this Burger King and he came home saying he wouldn't be going back. After placing his order, he waited in the drive-thru for probably 10 minutes before being told that they were out of the kind of pie he'd ordered. This sometimes happens, of course, but he was also told that he couldn't get a refund. Why? Because the manager wasn't there. Why this was a requirement I don't know, but considering the likeliness of someone needing a refund due to supply running out, cashier error, etc. why didn't they have a manager there? They instead gave my husband a different kind of dessert. I'm glad they at least did that much, but it seemed sort of odd to me and suffice it to say he wasn't very happy with them. The food itself was pretty good, at least.

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Rapist, murderer both eligible for parole in June

Absolutely, Pywacket.

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Proposal would make cairn terrier state dog

"Trimmer told The Wichita Eagle that he knows the state faces serious issues and he hopes the Legislature does not spend a lot of time on the proposal. But he says he introduced it because his constituents thought it was important."

......WHO thought this was important????

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Stull residents wary of rock guitarist Slash's film project

It's not a gateway to hell, nothing unusual ever happens there, it doesn't even LOOK cool anymore since they tore the church down, so leave those people and their cemetery alone already.

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