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Sheriff's deputy charged with domestic battery

Absolute garbage that the Journal World sensationalized this. Amazing how they have forgotten to post photographs and disparaging articles about all the other domestic violence suspects in our community. Any opportunity to create distrust for the police and deputies. Crap story!! The biggest loser here is the LJWorld.

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1.5 percent raise likely for police, firefighters

What an injustice--1.5% at a time when officers are increasingly expected to do more. $4 reduced to $2 per month for longevity. Total crap and a blatant disregard for the work these men and women do. Time for the officers and firefighters to shop around for a city that recognizes the work they do. Sounds like the police got slammed and the firefighters hosed. When is someone on our city government going to actually fight for these organizations. They don't need words, they need actions! Total BS!

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School resource officers honored

Great job SRO's. This position has been a great resource for not only the schools and students, but parents as well. The community has really come to depend upon this valuable program. It is necessary and vital in today's world.

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New Family Entertainment Center

Great idea, but it already sounds a little pricey (i.e. the go carts). Lawrence needs something like this, especially with gas prices as they are.

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Lawrence police seek 46-year-old man suspected in KU student's murder

Local artist. Yeah, right. How about local unemployed "bum" who likely mooched off the victim and became enraged when she realized what at piece of garbage he was. Sounds like prison did him well. Another, reformed offender released into our community. This is why all domestic abuse situtations must be taken seriously, all the time!

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Sheriff's deputy killed in auto accident

A truly nice guy and a great deputy. Always had a smile on his face!!

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Police investigate early morning shooting

I'll say it again. Wake up! You can't compare the degree of violence here in Lawrence Kansas to any town in California. The demographics are entirely different. Compared to other cities its size in KANSAS--this is getting to be bullcrap!!Like I've said before--one homicide in this town per year is far too many (per every 10 for that matter), but we had a double two weeks ago, adding to what has become a bi-annual event in this city. We have a great police department--these crimes seem to always get solved. However, we need more officers. That way, our police can become proactive and hopefully prevent these tragic events in the first place. We need more police in this town and fewer anarchists!!!

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Police investigate early morning shooting

Lawrence is turning into one BIG GHETTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Police arrest 16-year-old in connection with shooting

ChirsNyberg--Right on man! I like the way you think!!

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Police arrest 16-year-old in connection with shooting

citizan_street-patrolGet a clue! The police are out there, RESPONDING to calls for service and conducting criminal investigations. Although they are charged with protecting the public, they are not responsible for us--we are responsibe for ourselves and our children. Unfortunately, this crime likely could not have been prevented, short of those involved having any iota of responsiblity for their behavior. Don't blame the police for this--blame those involved!!!The police do great with their limited resources. An arrest in a double homicide within less then two days. KUDOS LPD!!!

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