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Opinion: Entitlement mentality doomed Detroit

Liberty275 shows he can craft a claim. That's the easy part. The hard part is actually thinking things through so that you could demonstrate with evidence and argumentation that the claim is actually valid.

You'll note that Libery275 does no such thing. No supporting impartial evidence; no attempt to persuade people that his claim is logical and likely to be the case.

Nope. Just a random statement that deserves zero respect from any rational citizen.

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Letter: Enough Brownback

' "This man has taken control of the executive, the legislative and the judicial. What has happened to the idea of balance of powers?..." sounds like Obama to me.'

Laughably inaccurate comment, BlackVelvet, demonstrating zero understanding of actual current events and the structure of the United States government.

I wonder if you could pass the test that immigrants must pass to become citizens of the United States. Based on your comment, I doubt it.

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Opinion: Obama steps into race debate

Cal's inanity makes him a lot of money — so there's no reason he'll ever stop displaying it.

As for why the LJW continues to publish such badly-argued, sloppily-thought-out, objective-reality-less pieces: that's another question, not easily answered. Must be one the "values" mentioned in the footer of stories....

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Democrats expect nominee for governor soon

Voters of any party will have all the data they need to judge Brownback's success as a governor, and whether he should be re-elected.

So far, doesn't look so good. The economic growth Brownback promised hasn't occurred. Not only that, but "Kansas was one of 20 states where inflation-adjusted average weekly earnings of private employees decreased between May 2012 and last May."

Anyone who votes to re-elect Brownback will in effect be saying they do not care that his policies are not doing what he said they would do; will be saying in effect that they do not care that Brownback is harming the state, both in the present and for the future. Then we might ask them, "what do you care about, such that you'd vote to re-elect him?"

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Kansans to receive $4 million in insurance refunds under Affordable Care Act, White House reports

Of course Jenkins' comment makes no sense. She doesn't understand the law or approve of giving insurance rebates to Kansans: that much is clear.

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Editorial: Verdict is in

What is this "race baiting left" you are referring to? Left what? Left coast? Left bank? Left foot?

You throw around terms that have zero meaning in and of themselves as though their meaning is written in stone somewhere.

You make assertion after assertion with zero support in fact — simply your own fevered imaginings.


Also: you might recall that our Founders believed it a self-evident truth that governments are instituted among men to secure our rights. So, your hostility to government equals a hostility to individuals having the power to secure their rights. That's a strange and wholly un-American stance to take.

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Editorial: Verdict is in

LarryNative, how do you come by the information you are passing off as "fact"? I'm not saying they are or are not facts, but your caveat that we shouldn't believe everything we hear on TV begs the question.

Do you have access to original court documents? Original police reports? How do you come by the information you say is fact?

Did you yourself get this information from a TV news source?

Also, isn't it a fact that the police told Zimmerman not to follow Martin? And who cares whether Zimmerman dated a black girl? Or that he mentored black youth? That's immaterial to his behavior wrt Martin.

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Opinion: Congressional GOP should set reform agenda

This opinion writer suffers from the same inability to think and get beyond their emotions that most commenters display.

Obama is not suspending his own law. See

The rest of the article is just as worthless.

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Letter: Selective Obama

It would likely help the writer find answers to his question were he to actually think about and research the topic.

Here's a good Bloomberg piece on this very topic: -- Not so hard to find. One has, though, not to be operating from one's emotions, but rather using one's head, to look for and find the article.

Some salient points:

"Section 1513 of the law, which lays out the employer mandate, states unambiguously that it is set to begin Dec. 31, 2013. However, that isn't technically the part of the law that Mark J. Mazur, an assistant secretary in the Department of the Treasury, said was being deferred."

"One way to read this -- and the way it was probably intended -- was that the secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius, would determine when in 2014 employers would file their insurance reports. That's consistent with her discretion under other parts of the law to determine how employers file. Under this interpretation, employers would still be required to insure their employees for all of 2014 even if Sebelius had them file on New Year's Eve.

"Another way to read the passage is as a blank check to postpone the mandate by as long as a year. That comes from the key part: "during a calendar year, shall, at such time as the Secretary may provide."

Yet, a third way to read it: If "during a calendar year" is read to modify "employees" and not "at such time" then the Secretary could have the power to defer the mandate indefinitely."

Try actually thinking and researching before penning a letter. This letter writer clearly has no interest in finding out the facts; otherwise they would have done so, quite easily.

This letter writer — and most commenters here — is interested simply and unhelpfully with venting their unexamined emotions.

Which is a very bad way for a citizen to act when trying to enact public policy.

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Editorial: Care act delay

Show us where the President said "Obamacare is working exactly as planned."

If you can't, the entirety of your thinking falls apart.

This comment is nothing but a list of unsubstantiated talking point claims that can't stand the light of actual facts and truth.


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