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Kansas delegation holds position of making government funding contingent on delaying Obamacare

By "foisted" you mean duly passed by both houses of Congress and signed into law by the President, exactly according to how the Constitution specifies?

You seem to have a problem with the Constitution, since you believe that there is some other way of having a law be made.

What exactly is your problem with a bill becoming law exactly according to how the Constitution specifies, as the Affordable Care Act was?

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What does the Affordable Care Act mean for you?

You are clearly out of your depth here. To care what SCOTUS says is, literally, to be a Constitutional American. You are proving yourself not to be.

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What does the Affordable Care Act mean for you?

You seem unaware of how the determination of something being "unconstitutional" works. The Supreme Court, according to the Constitution, is the Supreme (go figure) Court of the land, and they have ruled that it is constitutional.

Perhaps you should try being a constitutional American.

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Editorial: Too poor?

Where's your source for providing 20-30K for each "poor" person?

Also, do you understand that it's not the middle class whose taxes have been cut for the last 30 years — leading us directly to the federal government not having sufficient resources — but rather the already very wealthy?

The continuous budget crises and social dislocations we are seeing today — local, state and national government in crisis after crisis, public services being cut, what used to be paid for by broadly based taxes now being devolved onto strapped families as "fees" — is a direct result of tax cuts on the already very, very rich.

It's time to clearly see what run-away tax cuts have done to the commonweal, the public good, and the social fabric of our country and communities: nothing but harm for the many, and gilded age excessive profit for the very few. Which history clearly (and bloodily) shows is hardly good for a democratic republic.

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Editorial: School stewardship

This is what the effect of runaway irresponsible tax cuts looks like:

"fees, such as “books, materials and technology,” ($97 per student through fifth grade; $147 in higher grades); “supplemental enrollment,” ($50 per student); “participation,” ($50 per student per sport or activity); “activity tickets” ($25 per activity); and “co-curricular” fees, ($25 per student for athletic and co-curricular activities.) "

Used to be, there were very little extra costs for parents to send children to public schools. That's what taxes were for. Pay your local taxes, send your kids to school.

This is what the Republican drive to "starve" what they see as the "beast" of government looks like. And it's a short-sighted shame.

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Kobach considering plan that could produce two kinds of voters

That you conflate voting early with stealing an election demonstrates your complete lack of understanding of elections and voting.

You also seem not to be aware of Republicans on record in other states as saying their voting changes are specifically designed to produce Republican wins and Democratic losses:

So, no: you are in no way bringing "truth back into balance." Rather, you are eliding truth and introducing inanity into the discussion.

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Opinion: Entitlement mentality doomed Detroit

Define "worthless liberal policy," with specifics, and perhaps your comment will be worthy of attention and consideration.

If you can't, or won't, your comment is worthless.

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Opinion: Entitlement mentality doomed Detroit

You seem to believe that the presence of debt is an ill in itself. You'll recall that the newly-minted United States took on the Revolutionary War debt of the original colonies. In your thinking, based on your comment, it seems that should have doomed the United States. And yet here we are, over 200 years later.

Strange how facts so easily undermine your beliefs.

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Opinion: Entitlement mentality doomed Detroit

Your use of the term "liberal" here strongly suggests you have no clear specific impartial idea of what it means.

You could always prove us wrong by defining "liberal" how you use it here. I doubt you can do that, though.

Sloppy thinking and the inability to accurately communicate or ethically argue a point is a civic ill.

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Opinion: Entitlement mentality doomed Detroit

Fascinating that you believe it to be the role of "the state" to "raise people."

Your point of view has much in common with ancient Sparta and more recently the USSR and Nazi Germany.

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