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Lawrence residents now find higher sales taxes in certain shopping areas around town

You don't pay sales tax on prescriptions in Kansas!

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Turner Gill expected to take over as Kansas football coach

<heavy, heavy sigh>

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Round Corner Drug, Cheese Shoppe closes

Wal-Mart, CVS. etc. may not have played a role in the closing of Round Corner Pharmacy, BUT be certain that some of the reasons no other pharmacist wanted to buy the store and continue to run it as an independent pharmacy are Wal-Mart, CVS, etc. As a young pharmacist who works in a small independent pharmacy, I feel the squeeze the chains are putting on my boss and his 2 pharmacies EVERYDAY. The chains are willing to sign contracts with insurance companies that cause them to lose money filling prescriptions. They make up for it in selling cheap crap at cheap (yet profitable) prices to the masses. As independents we don't have the huge front ends or the buying power of the chains and we often resort to keeping our profit margins small to keep our prices competitive. We spend money delivering to our patients, going to their homes on our own time after hours to help sort out confusing medications and make sure our patients are taking them correctly, and driving into the pharmacy in the middle of the night to fill a prescription so a nursing home patient gets a medication that someone had forgotten to reorder while we were open. We make money through customer service. While good pharmacists work everywhere (chains, independents, hospitals, etc.) very few offer the personal services that independents offer. While customer service is fantastic, young pharmacists realize it takes a lot of hard work to make money running an independent pharmacy, and few want to work that hard or take the financial risks involved with owning their own pharmacy. With a chain pharmacy on every corner offering jobs with higher salaries and no financial risk, more and more pharmacists will opt to work for the chains, leaving the independent pharmacies to slowly fade away.

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One person killed, two people injured in serious K10 accident

"journeymanstation (Anonymous) says:misty you can go into the Las Vegas review journal, and see articles in jan. 2005, and see a shooting I was involved in. I lost my partner. was shot myself. Two of the offenders I shot died. Marcus Tillman got away, and was latter captured. Were still going threw court with Him."------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I call BS. The first police officer shot in killed in the line of duty in 17 years happened in FEBRUARY of 2006! It was in response to a domestic dispute and involved ONE suspect who was later shot and killed by police. That suspect's name was Amir Rashid Crump. this point I wouldn't believe anything journeymanstation says or incorrectly spells.

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2 road crew workers killed in hit and run

My family has been friends of the Korte family for life. Tyrone's parents and my parents grew up together. I grew up with Tyrone. His family and friends are devistated, as I'm sure are the family and friends of Ron Griffith. You would think a community of highly educated people could have enough decency to wait until the victims are at least laid to rest before you start bickering about ridiculous things like wasted tax dollars and land usage. There's a time for that later. For now, show some respect!

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One dead in pre-game traffic accident

My thoughts are with the family and friends of those involved in today's accident. It truly is a tragedy and puts a dark cloud over an otherwise fabulous game.

As a Jayhawk fan who grew up in Manhattan, I have traveled MANY times on I-70 to Lawrence. Sadly I can remember on almost every single trip passing or being passed by the "Cat Tracker". To my shock almost every single time the "back porch" on the thing was full of fans standing around. The back porch has no protection from other cars, tractor trailers, etc. except for a 3-4 foot high metal railing that encloses it (an improvement from the wooden railing that was its predecessor). I never understood why anyone would think that riding on a porch going 75 miles an hour was a good idea, nor could I figure out how they could do it without getting stopped by the highway patrol.

There are reasons that there are laws against things like riding on the back of a pick-up, and while I am not certain that today's accident involved people riding on the back of an open vehicle, I've seen it happen in the past. Instead of looking the other way, or saying they were just partying, let them have their fun, why didn't someone have enough sense to say that everyone needed to be inside the vehicle whenever it was in motion?

No matter what it should serve as a reminder to everyone, that while it's fun to party and tailgate and whatever at football games, people need to not forget to bring their common sense along with them.

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