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Big Week for Coupons! Stock Up Now!

Thanks so much for checking for me!! I have a sick toddler at home and I'm 6 months pregnant, so I won't worry about stocking up today!! I did manage to get there to get a few things for my daughter and got a few good deals, but will do my big shopping Friday like planned!!

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Growing up together

This whole article makes me angry...we are glorifying teen pregnancy and making it look like it's a positive choice - it isn't! I understand it happens, but what is going to happen to this poor baby? He is going to grow up living on assistance and the cycle will just keep going and going.

I wish this had been about making unselfish choices and giving the baby up to a family who CAN support and love him without assistance in a loving home that can provide above and beyond his needs. Raising a child is about so much more than love and no way would I ever have considered doing it without a husband, a house and a steady income. Even with all of those things there are times that being a mom to two is tough! I can't imagine doing it without those things. It's not fair to the kids.

I feel bad for the baby, I'm glad she loves him but as previous posters have said, it's just not enough.

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Big Week for Coupons! Stock Up Now!

Ok that's what I was thinking! Thanks headdoctor. We will see I suppose :) I'll hold out for my usual Friday shopping trip so it doesn't throw me off.

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Big Week for Coupons! Stock Up Now!

How long do the "cart buster" sales generally go on at Dillons? The insert says it ends Tuesday, but this article says a few weeks. Just wondering, I'm not planning to shop until Friday but might go earlier if the cartbuster deals are ending soon!!


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Jayhawks rise to challenge

Gadhelyn you obviously didn't watch the same game as the rest of us...they not only beat the number 5 team who happens to be our rival BUT they did it by 20. That IS rising to the challenge. In a big way!! KSU is a good (and dirty) team that came out ready to play. The last 10 minutes KU didn't give them a chance to win it.

Awesome game, Sherron will be missed greatly!!! Doubt Cole stays but wish he would!!

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Ready for the rafters? Collins hopes to have jersey hanging in Allen Fieldhouse one day

Give it a rest people - it's a nice article about a player who has done some amazing things for this school and program. He has faced unfortunate circumstances and managed to do something positive with his life. This has nothing to do with the k-state game, the big 12 or a national title - it's a nice piece about a guy who means a lot to this team. He fully deserves to have his Jersey retired...he is the reason we even have the national title. Without his 3 pointer and then the pass to Chalmers, we would have walked away with a loss.

Way to go Sherron!! You will be greatly missed!

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KU remains at No. 1 in both polls

At least they are playing like a number 1 team tonight!! Finally!!

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Lawrence losing shoppers

As a stay at home mom, it's sad when the only fun indoor place to take my kids to burn off some energy is McDonalds Play Land. So now we go to Overland Park to Chick-Fil-A (better food and much cleaner), to Oak Park Mall to the indoor play area, Legends has TONS for kids to do, The Great Mall of the Great Plains to go to Monkey Bizness and so on and so on. And most of the time when we are there for fun things, we do our shopping as well. Other than groceries and Target, sometimes Hastings, we don't shop here in town anymore.

And yes, a Costco or a Sams would be wonderful here in town. As well as an Olive Garden, a Chick-Fil-A, a Red Lobster and many others that have been mentioned.

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FINAL: Unbeaten no more: No. 1 KU falls to No. 16 Tennessee, 76-68

Jonas is right - thanks!!

you all got on here and whined and complained with the 2008 national championship team and their few "lazy" losses. In the end you were all proud to be Jayhawks again when they won. They are going to have bad games, this was a wake up call that couldn't have come at a better time. Entering Big 12 play this week they will hopefully pick it up and play to the level that they can. They have the talent, they just need to use it!

Go KU!

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Weather-related cancellations this weekend

As a home daycare provider I rarely closed for weather purposes but did have sick days, vacation days and holidays written into my contract. None of my parents ever complained about paying for those days, that is pretty standard!

And when I was working outside of the home I always had a back up in place in case my daycare was closed. That is part of being a parent, always having a back up plan.

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