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Free Ocean Spray at CVS

Soda and other sugary drinks are NOT needed in anyone's life, let alone in growing kids. Why waste hundreds of calories a day on drinks? I know this family well and life in their house is a lot of fun! We do milk, water and watered down juice in our house as well. Sprite occasionally on pizza or popcorn nights, otherwise they don't need it , and neither of my kids seem to mind. Please find me a pediatrician that will tell you soda and other full-sugared drinks are a GOOD choice for your children...because the pediatricians I worked for will say no way!

Thanks for posting the good deal Jenn!!

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Kansas School for the Deaf turns 150 this month

The kids living in the dorms are monitored 24/7 on pretty much everything going they are probably more aware of bad things on the internet than most hearing kids living at home with their parents. Nothing is different...the only difference is that they can't hear and they use a different language. They teach kids the same way we teach our kids - but they do it in ASL instead of English. Curriculum is similar to that of a public school, but again, done in an ASL friendly way. They take all of the same classes (math, science, english, art, PE etc). It's really not all that different....there isn't anything wrong with their brains, they simply can't hear.

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Kansas School for the Deaf turns 150 this month

I'm sorry but most Deaf people aren't interested in a cochlear implant, and those that are interested it's a personal choice. Majority of Chochlear Implants come from hearing parents who know nothing about deafness/culture/American Sign Language and want to "fix" what they think is broken by making their child as close to hearing as possible. Very rarely will you ever find a deaf person having a cochlear implant done on their's almost always hearing parents making this choice. The community in general look down on the implant as something that isn't needed for their culture because they don't feel that there is anything that needs to be is who they are and they are happy with it. I can't speak for everyone, but most of the deaf/hard of hearing people I know in Olathe feel this way.

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Best Of Lawrence goes gluten free, vegan and vegetarian

I'm sorry but saying gluten free is a fad diet is ridiculous and insulting. Celiac Disease (caused by gluten) for me caused horrible stomach pains daily, fatigue and infertility. Cutting gluten from my diet finally gave me my life back and allowed us to get pregnant after years of trying. Many people suffer for years not realizing what the true problem is.

Thanks for including GF places in the Best of Lawrence section...its very helpful for those who need GF options!

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If You Only Have a Little Time: My Favorite Deals for the Busy Shopper

My favorite deal this week - a 5 qt Rival crock pot @ Dillons. It's a programable kind that you can set the amount of time and heat setting you want and then it automatically switches from the cooking setting to a warming setting when the time is up. Normally sells for $35 and is on sale right now for $19.99. It's perfect for school days and after school activities to avoid food overcooking if you can't be home right on time!

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Huggies Sale at Dillons

Jeez chill out - its a BLOG, not a news story. Jenn and Julie post often about good deals and coupons. If you don't like it, don't read it. Get a life.

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Another Giveaway: $5 Dinners

Seamus doesn't have a good point at all - I have saved TONS of money on items with coupons and we eat very well balanced/processed free meals. I spend a little more on hormone free meats and dairy/veggies/fruits etc but have still managed to save a ton on other little things with coupons. Not only on food items, but household items too...paper products, cleaning products, toothpaste, hygiene items etc. Using coupons and sales for those items have given me room in my budget to buy more organically. The best thing about the $5 dinner mom cookbook is that her recipes are all healthy well balanced meals. so it IS possible with a little bit of work to save money with sales and coupons on items other than processed junk foods. It just takes a little bit of work and time.

But then again I'm that " stay at home soccer mom" puttering around town in my what could I know, right?

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Another Giveaway: $5 Dinners

LOVE LOVE LOVE that cookbook!! That was the reason I started cutting coupons. Its made a huge dent in our budget!

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Budget Friendly Dinner Challenge -- $11.03

My goodness I have never seen such a negative group of people in one place...most of you have totally missed the point of what she is trying to do. That is a good, well balanced meal for 1/3 of the cost and 1/3 of the fat for a quick and easy meal.

Great job Julie!! I've been reading "the $5 dinner mom" cookbook, TONS of recipes for a family of 4 for under $5. All well balanced and healthy!

Thanks for sharing your experience Julie!

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Farmer's Market taking weekday market out of downtown

Doesn't it show how much we "haves" love Lawrence that we choose to commute to work so we can live here instead of Topeka or Kansas City?

It's amazing to me how people on the west side of town are judged! I'm thrilled to have the Farmers Market out here by our house one day a week, now I can better support them because I will have the time to stop by on Thursdays!

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