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Kansas public unions oppose collective bargaining bill

Sadly, most voters seem to prefer to believe what they want to believe. Facts are just pesky gnats to be swatted. But yes, bravo to those who testified either by their words or their presence.

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KU sees slight enrollment increase for 2014-2015

Missing from the KU numbers is the Edwards Campus (unless it's been rolled into the Lawrence numbers). Might be interesting to see how KU's Metro KC campus is doing.

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Proposed social media policy procedure outlines rights of those accused at KU

The term "social media" is an artificial distinction. Chit chat at the water cooler is a "social medium," but I'm pretty sure these rules don't apply there (or at cocktail parties and other social gatherings). This whole ill-informed policy was prompted by a legislator who was offended that a KU employee might have the temerity to criticize the NRA in a "tweet," no matter that the employee did not claim to be representing the university in his views.

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Kansas Democrats begin soul searching, and finger pointing

You offer generalities, not facts. What's the crime rate among illegal immigrants compared with the general population? What percentage of them bring communicable diseases? Suggesting that Ebola is the same threat here as it is in Western Africa is simply not valid--no comparison. It's a fact that more deaths are caused by the "well-regulated militia" than by ISIS and others, not to mention the rise in terrorism from so-called militia groups and other "good white Americans." Give Ethel my regards.

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Kansas Democrats begin soul searching, and finger pointing

"What people really believe" is my original point. People believe what they want to believe, with little or no regard for such bothersome stuff as facts and thought. Your response confirms that statement, as most of your fears/complaints can't be documented. Our culture is diseased. Ebola is a trivial virus compared with ignorance. We live in a moronocracy. As the poet wrote, "A tawdry cheapness shall outlast our days."

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Kansas Democrats begin soul searching, and finger pointing

In my view, our political problems are symptomatic of a larger cultural problem. In most cases, the winning candidates, when all else failed, resorted to fear as a voter motivator. Be afraid of Ebola. Be afraid of ISIS. Be afraid of immigrants. Be afraid of the "destruction of the family" and same-sex marriage. Be afraid of losing your freedoms. Be afraid of the black man with the foreign-sounding name in the White House. "Be afraid. Vote for me. Now you are free to go back home and watch reality tv." The politicians are merely capitalizing (aided and abetted by huge amounts of capital) on the fear and ignorance of the electorate.

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Kansas audit criticizes overhaul of state's computer network

It's Obama's fault.

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Brownback, Kobach to launch Kansas Business Center

"So lets kick the Koch brothers and all their companies out of the state ...." I'm not sure whether to classify this statement as non sequitur or reductio ad absurdum, but in either case, it's not valid, just silly.

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Palin, campaigning for Roberts in Kansas, calls for GOP unity

"Heavy hitter"? Really?

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Budget chief: Kansas identifies $101 million in savings

" It also has lower-than-expected costs in state employees’ health plan...." The way I read this is that if something didn't cost as much as it was predicted to cost, then that is considered a savings. It's also difficult to understand how we know there have been savings in things that the state is in the process of doing. For example, the state is "standardizing computer systems." First, what does that mean specifically, and second, how can there have been savings when the standardization has not yet been completed and data collected for comparison? I don't know if my questions are due to lack of detail in reporting or in smoke and mirrors in Topeka.

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