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Davis camp sends inadvertent email to reporters

Slow news day. An email that explains the purpose of a press release gets...released.

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Jenkins: No immigration reform until White House or Senate changes hands

Their "distrust" of the president began well before the Affordable Care Act, in fact even before his first inauguration. It seems to be hard for our elected representatives to trust a darkly pigmented president with a foreign-sounding name. That doesn't speak well for our representatives and it doesn't speak well for the voters who elected them.

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Higher ed social media policy rewrite gets warm reception from faculty and staff

But there's not been a policy for other "social media," e.g., water cooler chit chat, cocktail party patter, letters to the editor. The "policy" previously has been to act responsibly. Guth's "tweet" was neither irresponsible nor purporting to speak for the university. I object to the opinions some faculty members make in their letters to the editor, but they never claim to speak for KU so I don't object to their being published.

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Kansas regents push back at criticisms of social media policy

Forget about the first amendment. This is not a first amendment issue but rather a common sense issue. A personal tweet (i.e., not purporting to represent the university) is no different in kind than a KU prof or staffer making a comment in the original social media--the water cooler conversation or cocktail party chit chat.

Disclaimer: This opinion is mine alone and does not represent the University of Kansas.

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State senator criticizes KU over Guth tweet, Caboni email, tuition and graduation rates

I want to "like" some of these posts, but it might violate the Regents' social media policy.

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Fitness center near Ninth and Iowa undertaking major expansion; group working to create a local currency

The denomination of the Burroughs bill was $3.

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More calls from KU to suspend social media policy

How does a "controversial" comment on Twitter differ in kind from the same comment voiced in another social medium, say, at a cocktail party?

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Opposing sides clash in debate over 'religion freedoms' bill

Members of Aryan Nations have sincerely held religious beliefs about blacks and Jews. I guess if they have a mom and pop business, they too can reserve the right not to serve those folks.

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Abortion opponent will have ultrasound done on pregnant woman during committee meeting

Since we're educating the committee members, perhaps the committee should also see a demonstration of how the baby gets into the womb and how to avoid accidentally putting a baby in there.

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Letter: Honestly?

Actually, the kettle IS black, which is why all the pots have been up in arms these last several years.

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