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100 years ago: Federal regulations might alter Kansas River bridge plans

Thanks for the post Sarah, that's exactly the first thing I was curious about after I finished reading the articles. Old home town and Town Talk always make me miss Lawrence, but in a good way.

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KU baton twirler wins national college championship

Oh yeah, saw this in the Kansan last week.

Pretty cool, congrats Shannon! Rock Chalk

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100 years ago: Those seeking anti-suffrage booklet get a surprise


We'll get there 'Hawks, don't worry!

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100 years ago: Haskell students first to try new 'morals course'

"The Kansas men have reached that point where grim determination must come in and win battles where skill and experience have gone out. "

Sounds familiar.

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100 years ago: KU alum addresses students on women's suffrage

I had no idea papers played mock games in real time for spectators. Makes sense and is really cool to hear about, thanks Sarah!

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Firefighters investigate cause of blaze at unoccupied mobile home on West 31st Street

I can smell it from 19th and Louisiana

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100 years ago: After snowstorm, residents arrested for failure to shovel

It was out of batteries, of course!

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100 years ago: After snowstorm, residents arrested for failure to shovel

You didn't adjust that $750 salary for inflation. If you did you would have realized that the average salary in 1913 was $17,170.83 in today's dollars.

The 10.50 is less than a week's salary either way.

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Lawrence police investigating whether man's death was related to previous physical altercation

RIP Nick. I wish I had gotten the chance to know you better, we had some good times.

I hope the investigation catches the guy.

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