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Once a generation: Scintillating Strauss runs wild in Lions' rout of Raiders

You're right. Sounds more like parenting.

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Turner Gill insists KU defense ‘better’

"Somebody needs to light a fire." Yes indeed. And some halftime coaching might be good too. OSU may score 80 points on Saturday, and that's not an overstatement.

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Gary Bedore's KU basketball notebook

The all-star game would be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Images from the Dear Lawrence photo project


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Woman sentenced to probation for her role in burglary at apartment near KU campus

Republicans only been in for less than a year? ha, ha, ha, ha. I think the last time the Republicans didn't control the Legislature in Kansas was when there was a large sheet of ice 20 feet deep covering the state.

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Matt Tait's KU football notebook

Did Lady Gaga make the guide?

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Library leaders unveil new design for $19 million expansion

The dark silhouettes in the back of the drawing are the souls of posters on the - wandering aimlessly through the Universe in search of friendship and validation.

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Lawrence residents recall how they beat the heat in the days before air conditioning

I once walked from my freezing cold car to my freezing cold house in 110 degree heat. I was outside at least 37 seconds. I have a photo of myself if you want to post.

Otherwise, what a fantastic story. Thanks Mike, Jonathan et. al. that was a really good read.

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Area FBI agents investigating 2nd bank robbery in two days, this time in Ottawa

The net effect on the robber would be similar to the feeling most people get when reading the LJWorld comments like those above.

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QB Brock Berglund committed to playing football at Kansas

Because of the negative coverage I have stopped reading The Herald and only read the Journal-World. I predict The Herald will go the way of the News of The World.

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