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Opinion: Charlie Weis alone couldn’t salvage Chris Martin

Great column. If you pull back the lens some more, you get the larger questions as well. How do you harmonize fight songs, bands, cheerleaders, alumni with $60,000 SUVs and $400,000 homes, and an environment of books, classes and homework with many young adults who often come from backgrounds where besides from sports have no relationship to what the rest of us view as the "college experience." Weis and Self and other coaches get paid to navigate these young people through that journey while the rest of us simply wait for the next victory so we can feel good about our university and our teams and close our eyes and ears to the subtext of many of these kids backgrounds and histories. There is a lot more Roman in us than we often care to admit. There is a lot of hypocracy and contradiction in college althletics, and there is no doubt college presidents, athletic directors and coaches think about these things when they wake up in the silence of the morning and get ready to go to work each day figuring out how they harmonize winning with the principles that got them into these professions in the first place.

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City set to make additional improvements to Sixth and Iowa intersection

Chad, love your columns. One nit on today's:

"You see the Zarco 66 station and its car wash, and try to calculate if this is the year the F150 is due for a wash."

You can get a coffee, even a breakfast burrito, at the Zarco drive thru, formerly-known-as-a-carwash, but your F150 is not going to be any cleaner after you have breakfast there.

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After Black Friday, store owners touting Small Business Saturday

They have treat, toys and bakery items for dogs. All very cool and reasonably priced. Lots of stuff corporate pet stores don't have.

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After Black Friday, store owners touting Small Business Saturday

Lucky Dog Outfitters behind Party America is a great local business with awesome stuff for your dog. I encourage everyone to check it out. Very cool place for dog.lovers.

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Charlie Weis trying to drum up game-day tradition

I like the effort from Weis to think about tradition. Mangino did a lot to try to connect to student section too, and he had developed a good following. Its going to start rough though, which Coach clearly knows. He'll find more students if he took the team to the street on the north side of the stadium after the game . . .

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Naadir Tharpe, Jayhawks return to fieldhouse for camp

Hey Kareem Abdul, why don't you run up and down the court 50 times and lets see what kind of shape you are in.

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Bad move, Mizzou

Doren I believe is the front runner to replace Gill. Affordable. Good track record at Kansas. We'll have to shell out some $$$ for a good D-Coordinator.

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Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy: No reason to play starters after second quarter

Gundy was a class act on Saturday. He was a man. He was in his mid 40s. KU needs a coach like that.

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Easy Pickens: Jayhawks set more records for futility in 70-28 loss to Oklahoma State

The low point in KU football in modern times was Brian Bosworth signing autographs for the KU cheerleaders in the second half of an OU 70-0 blowout in Lawrence in the 80s. History may repeat itself next week.

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No defense for KU coach Turner Gill

Tom, thank you for stating in the paper the truth that all KU fans know: KU needs to fire Gill, it may just not be able to afford it. The B12 staying together may give KU some $ security to go ahead and do it. Doren would be an excellent candidate.

This is probably going to go down as the worst KU football team ever, and that's hard to do. The two wins against weak teams are masking what is a historically horrendous year.

Our entire athletic department is a mess, except basketball. Our top priority has to be Bill Self, second is football. The amount of other work to be done is almost too much to comprehend.

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